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Summer Wells –

ongoing tip: The TBI is also looking for a maroon Toyota pickup truck with a full bed ladder rack and white buckets in the truck bed. The TBI received a tip in June from a source who saw the vehicle in the Beech Creek community near Ben Hill Road in the vicinity of the Wells’ home in the late afternoon of June 14 or 15. 

I am hearing that Rogersville has become quiet again.

Most people believe that Candus knows what happened to Summer.

We know in Summer’s case that a lot of energy has been put into searching the house and neighboring woods and following up on each tip they have received. What we don’t know is if there has been any followup with the idea that it was a legitiment abduction. Yes, they have stated it might be foul play, but other than asking the public to look for a red truck, and thorough searcges we don’t know what else they have done to figure out who might have abducted her.

I personally feel they should have assumed this idea the first days. It seemed to be they had with the Amber Alert. Which still confuses me. Why do an Amber Alert if you spend all your time looking in the woods? Now I think too much time elapsed for them to ever explore that idea.

I think its very important at this point for friends of the Wells familly to be interviewed and be asked pertinent questions regarding Summer. Primarily, has anyone in that community noticed someone acting different, or was not accounted for during the time and after the time that Summer went missing.

WJHL reports,

“In more rural areas, especially in East Tennessee, we see a lot of familial trafficking in disadvantaged areas, areas where there is a lot of drug addiction, poverty,” said Smith. 

Familial? Yes, family-based. 

That means the most common way for children to be trafficked in the state of Tennessee is not through abduction or kidnapping. For the overwhelming majority of cases, it starts in the home or with someone the child trusts.

But, as tight-lipped as authorities have been on this case, we may never know, if they have already done this and still ended up with a brick wall.

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