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Author: Janet McClellan

Bad Words of Criminal Behavior: The Bombastic Problem

We’ve all seen it, heard it, read it from sources touting their expertise, outrage, or their simple indignation regarding some criminal offenses and selected criminal offenders. The most commonly used bombastic words used to describe the crimes of some offenders and the offenders themselves has (more…)

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How Do We Profile? Let me count the ways

This is the first in a series of 5 blog articles on the myriad of ways in which profiling has been or is being used in criminal justice to provide information about persons of interest, suspects, and unknown assailants. The first article will provide an (more…)

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All Things Murder and Mayhem

Guest Author: Janet McClellan Serial murder, sexual homicide, sexualized homicide/murder, serial killing and serial murderers did not vanish after 9-11 but they were taken off the front pages of the media. The murders occur, serial murder still occur, however, they go unsolved like the majority (more…)

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