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jerriefoxnewsCasting Agents and news media:  Are you looking for ideas for new TV shows to pitch to networks?  Are you seeking a researcher for development of a TV concept?Are you searching for stories, and/or people for upcoming TV shows?

I am able to provide you with  that help.  I have experience with development of TV and documentary ideas, and can perform online and physical research to carry out further development for the concept.  I am able to research show concepts, statistics, ideas, and people to help develop the idea to pitch to the networks.  I can identify relevant data, contributors, locations from various sources, guests.  Click here to read more about my background.

I also have developed several different TV show concepts that I would be happy  to send to production heads for consideration to pitch to the networks.  Please contact me below for a list of show ideas.

If you would like more information or would like my rate for production services, please fill out the form below.