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What if every missing person was put into NAMUS?

The missing numbers would show an epidemic WREG has stated they have uncovered issues with NAMUS, the National Unidentified and Missing Person System because the numbers of missing do not match NCIC, (National Crime Information Center) an intranet database only used by law enforcement. Tennessee became one of four states where law enforcement officers are […]

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Woman facing extortion charges after harassing missing family

Extortion of missing families is wide-spread on Facebook Over the last couple of years I have heard stories from missing families about people who contact them saying they know where their family member is, AND for money they will tell them. Many time, when a family member first gets one of these messages they understandably […]

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Because of changing circumstances, I do not have the time to keep up with Missing Persons of America.  I would like to find it a new person that would like to take over Missing Persons of America website and the custody of its Facebook page, Google and Twitter. Negotiations open and all offers considered. All […]

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Kitty Collins

Top Five Missing Person Hoaxes on social media

Missing Person Hoaxes on Social Media There are lots of different hoaxes on the web and none are more prevalent than missing person hoaxes on social media.  Well-minded people see a missing person and share it without realizing they are sharing a hoax and it continues around social media for months if not years. With […]

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missing person report

What really happens when you file a missing person report?

What really happens when you file a missing person report? What really happens when you file a missing person report? I ran across a post that a social media friend of mine put on Facebook. It a nutshell it stated that if she ever went missing, she wanted a missing person report taken as she […]

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Audit shows error with Cleveland’s missing persons records

An audit of Cleveland, Ohio’s missing persons records showed an error rate of 43 percent.  In 2016, the error rate was 51 percent and in 2015 it was 50 percent. Although the rate now is below 50 percent this year, it still seems way to high for a statistic that is so important to keep […]

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The Long Island Serial Killer

I have done a lot of stories on this case, and a video, and you can read them by clicking on links in this story.   January 16, 2020 – The police have released a photo of “initials” found on a belt that they said is connected to the Long Island Serial Killer. What is interested […]

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3-year-old Jennifer Klein goes missing in 1974; has she been found?

Missing Person Utah Jennifer Klein Michele Hooper UPDATE 7/20/17 – According to the woman who started it all, officials have confirmed that  Michele Hooper is NOT Jennifer Klein. Jennifer Klein was last seen in 1974 at a camping site in Moab, Utah.  The story on says when the “adults” were distracted by a dog […]

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Melanie’s Whispers; song for the missing

Erin Perkins a singer and songwriter has sent me this song called Melanie’s Whispers inspired by Melanie Sutton, 33, who went missing in a Las Vegas, Nevada on March 2, 2007.  Melanie was last seen in a wash and although there were hundreds of searchers they could not find her.  Sadly, a year later, her […]

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Photo of blonde-haired child at India train station circulates social media

I was sent a message and a photo of a toddler laying on a blanket in India.  It has been circulating social media as many discuss whether the little girl belongs to that family.  The photo comes from Surendra from India, which was posted on May 7, 2017.  Looking further down on his post we can […]

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