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Human Trafficking

Wisconsin Pizza Delivery driver saves kidnapped woman

A 57-year-old woman is grateful for a pizza delivery driver that helped her while she was being  held kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend. Joey Grundl, the pizza delivery driver for Domino’s told TV station WTKR that he stopped at a home in Waldo, Wisconsin to delivery a pizza when he noticed a woman behind a man […]

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Corinna Slusser may be victim of sex trafficking says the NYPD

Corinna Slusser may be victim of sex trafficking Ishi Woney was arrested in 2018 on charges he trafficked Slusser and others, including a minor and a mentally disabled woman with the IQ of a third-grader, according to court papers, reports the NY Post.  Woney receive a 15 year sentence on Nov. 26, 2019. Corinna is […]

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Police seek man who attempted to abduct a child in Austin (video)

Officers say a man approached a 7-year-old girl playing outside at the Booker T. Washington housing complex in Austin, Texas, and told her he would give her some money if she helped him find his lost brown dog.  As the girl walked with him, he forced her into his vehicle.  The child was able to […]

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Sex Trafficking and Runaway Teens – What Everyone Needs to Know

Sex Trafficking and Runaway Teens Story by Karla Vanatta If you have ever been around teenagers, or if you are a teenager, more than likely you have heard of a child or teenager either running away, or saying that they want to runaway. Maybe you have even considered running away yourself as a teen. There […]

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FBI asks for help to identify photos that may lead to child victims

Law enforcement officials are seeking information about certain images which may help lead to the identification and rescue of child victims. A reader forwarded this information to me regarding photos that the FBI posted and are asking the public to look at.  These photos, ten in all, are showing the background of someone’s home that […]

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Just A Runaway

Just a Runaway Story by Karla Vanatta The other day I was discussing a missing persons case with a lady and we got on the subject of runaways. Often missing teenagers are perceived as runaways, whether that be from past behavior, clues that they willingly left, or just due to the fact that they are […]

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Growing number of teens missing from Harris County Texas-is Spring the hub for trafficking?

Anthony Porch has been located safe. Earlier in October a Klein Collins High School student from Harris County went missing. The case spread like crazy on social media. The Harris County Sheriff’s Dept. was out in full force. They were focusing in a wooded area and by the next morning the teen was found. She […]

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Man arrested after he abducts woman; hidden room with restraints found inside home

November 2018 -Mario Perez Roque, 59, of Louisiana, pleaded guilty to second-degree kidnapping and conspiracy, according to court records obtained by the  New Orleans Advocate. Original Story A man from New Orleans has been arrested after he is suspected of abducting a woman and held her captive in his media named, self-made “house of horrors.” Mario […]

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Operation Pop-a-Smurf rescues 26 from sex trafficking; 21 arrested, 8 still wanted

Police have been working on a case for two years they called “Operation Pop-a-Smurf” that resulted in the arrest of 21 individuals that were working together to hold 25 women and a minor for prostitution in Orlando.  The organization advertised on for sex and then used the abducted women to perform the services. Keith […]

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Human Trafficking Arrest (RCAHT) Paris Riverside 12.11.2014

December 03, 2014 (RCAHT) Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force took responsibility for a missing 15 year old. The investigation reviled a web site posting prostitution ads and pictures of missing children and teens. December 11, 2014 RCAHT located several adult males in the, accompany of a 15 year old reported missing, (Name withheld due […]

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