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John Doe

Unknown found people

The Hogg Trail Killer

In 1994, three young men were found murdered in Charlotte and Lee counties in Florida. Believed to be victims of a serial killer. Police believed they were lured into the woods and forced to get naked. They were then tied up, strangled, photographed and their genitals cut off. They were found on Trembly Avenue and […]

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Who is the man in Monterrey Mexico?

I was sent a message a week ago about this man in Monterrey, Mexico. According to the person that sent me the message and photos, she stated her friend has been talking with him and the man said he wanted to find his family. I have done many stories on Homeless Americans in Mexico, and […]

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Do you know who Karl Klinge is?

In 1988, a man was found deceased along with a suicide note that was signed by Karl Klinge, but authorities can not find anyone named Karl Klinge and think the man might have been using an alias. Do you know who this man is? Written by Carol Incitti On January 1, 1988, the body of […]

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Mass graves found near AZ border; police ask families of the missing to submit DNA

Searching Mothers of Sonora have located additional bodies at a mass grave site near the Arizona Border called Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco), bringing the total to 58. Rocky Point is just 1 hour south of the US border, and four hours from Phoenix.  The group said they found 6 more bodies and that armed men […]

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Remains of boy found in Georgia church cemetery still unidentified

On February 26, 1999, a cemetery worker found bones near the grounds of the Clifton United Methodist Church in south DeKalb County, Georgia. The remains turned out to belong to a boy between the ages of 4-8. No one has come forward to claim him or identify him. They have estimated that he had been […]

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Two bodies found in the Killing Fields identified

The League City police have stated they have identified two women who were found in the area that has become infamous as the “killing fields.” Investigators were able to use genetic testing to determine the identities of Jane Doe and Janet Doe. Skeletal remains referred to as Janet Doe was found on February 2, 1986 […]

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Do you know who this Jane Doe is found in the Darien River?

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Darien Police Department and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources are asking for help from the public to identified a body that was located in the Darien River.  The body is described as a black female, between the ages of 25-40 years old, 5’4”, and 245 lbs.  The female […]

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Charred remains found near San Antonio

A hiker has found charred remains of a female near Highway 211 near the Government Canyon Natural Area in San Antonio in Bexar County Texas on Friday, reports MySA news. At first the authorities thought the remains may have belonged to missing Andreen McDonald, 29, who has not been seen since February 28, 2019, but […]

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Do you know who this man is found in Riverside?

The Riverside Police Department is asking the public for help to identify this man that was found in Riverside, California on December 24, 2018. The Riverside Police Department posted on social media the following message: “The man pictured here was brought to a local hospital on December 24, 2018, after being found unresponsive in the […]

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Do you know who Greenville Doe is?

The authorities are searching for the identity of a man that was found a swampy area in Town of Greenville, New York. On September 14, 1991, a landowner was removing a local beaver dam near Interstate 84 in Orange County off Woods Road and Eaton Lane (Tap Stone Lane). Once the dam was removed, the […]

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