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Police asking for help identifying man found in Allatoona Lake

Police are turning to the public for help to identify a man found floating in a Georgia Lake on September 1, 2018. The John Doe was found in Allatoona Lake near the Allatoona dam. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that the body was found near the Bethany Bridge area of Red Top Mountain Road in […]

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Unidentified and Identified remains found in Liberty County and Montgomery County Texas

This is a list of unidentified remains that have been found in Montgomery County Texas from 1976 to 2019 and recent unidentified and identified remains found in Montgomery County and Liberty County Texas. Some have been identified. To read about the Missing Texas Forty please click here. Liberty County Texas December 26, 1976ME/C Case PA76-0133Estimated […]

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Brother awaits news after skull found off Plum Grove Road

On Monday, Dec. 10, 2018, Jerry Kinner, the brother of long-missing Larry Baker is “catching his breath,” after learning that a human skull had been found at the end of the same road that his brother went missing from.  The address posted on BlueBonnet News was FM1010 at CR325 in Cleveland, Texas.  This road is […]

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Can you identify this body found in the Spokane River?

Body found in Spokane River On September 5, 2018, authorities found a body in the Spokane River east of Harvard Road in Spokane County, stated the Spokane Sheriff’s Office in a press release.   The body was a deceased female found at approximately 11:20 a.m., by a passerby who reported finding a body off the shoreline. So, […]

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Skeletal remains of a Houstonite found where several other Missing Texas Forty went missing

Missing Texas Forty Esmeralda Pargas-Nunez September 18, 2018 -Sabrina Olarosa Garcia, 41, of Houston has been arrested and being held on a murder charge in connection with the death of Esmeralda Pargas-Nunez, said Capt. Ken DeFoor of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, reported by the Bluebonnet News. Click here to read more. Original story The […]

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phillip h williams

Body found with necklace “Phillip H. Williams” – Do you know who he is?

Missing Person Texas John Doe Back on October 7, 2016, a kayaker found the body at the Bear Branch Reservoir in Montgomery County Texas.  Location on the report is 5001 W Alden Bridge Dr., Spring, Texas. Although the police notified the public of the find at the time, no one has come forward to say […]

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Bones found in Cleveland are of 4-year-old boy; identity unknown

Human bones from a child were found on Sept. 20, 2017 on Longed Avenue, in Cleveland, Ohio and the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner Thomas Gilson and Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams are asking the public’s help in identification.  The bones which consisted of a skull, arms and legs, were found in a bag hidden under bags […]

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Do you recognize Jimmy Robinson?

Missing Person Iowa 2018 Update – Jimmy Robinson decided to go back on the road again, according to “Where in tar nation is Jimmy Robinson” Facebook page.  Occasionally people spot him on his route and post photos of him on the road.  You can also read more about Jimmy and what he is up to […]

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Do you recognize this Homeless American man stranded in Mexico?

Homeless man does not know who he is; stranded in Mexico Update:  Is the man in Mexico, Shawn Hale?  A family that has been looking for him are pursuing the idea that the man in Mexico is Shawn Hale, who went missing in 1994. This is the post Looking4Shawn made concerning the missing man in Mexico: […]

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Do you know the identity of this man who died in a Sacramento nursing home in 2011?

This unknown individual died of natural causes in a nursing facility in Sacramento on May 9, 2011. From 1998 through 2011, he resided in various care facilities in Sacramento.  Subsequent fingerprint comparisons revealed that the man had assumed the name of Manuel Calderon sometime prior to 1989. The Coroner was informed that the elderly man […]

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