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Missing People in the United States

Krista Dorsey found dead in Missing Texas Forty area in 2005

A reader brought this story to my attention. For accountability reasons I keep a list of FOUND and Jane and John Doe Missing, and wanted to add this case, too. Missing Texas Forty List Krista Leigh Dorsey 14, of Cleveland, Texas was last heard from in July 2, 2003 by phone. She was found  September […]

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Missing Persons Update

September 4, 2021: Hi, my name is Mark and I am married to Jerrie Dean the founder of Missing Persons of America. In the month of August, Jerrie became very ill. It was at the emergency room we were told she had blockage caused by liver cancer. Just weeks before my wife was doing as […]

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5-year-old missing from Idaho

Michael Joseph Vaughan, 5, was last seen on foot at about 6:30 p.m. on July 27, 2021 near his home on 911 Southwest Ninth Street in Fruitland, Idaho and S Arizona Ave. The police released a Facebook post stating that Michael was last seen heading eastbound on SW 9th Street at 6:45 p.m. There may […]

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Robert “Bob” Dale missing from Michigan

Robert “Bob” Alan Dale has been missing from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan since May 18, 1996. Bob and his wife, Kristi had gone to a wedding reception in the area of Six Mile and Mackinac Trail. They left around 11:10 p.m. Witnesses say they were in a van and Kristi was driving heading north on […]

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Continuous updates on the Summer Wells case

Since the disappearance of 5-year-old Summer Welles, I have written several stories. The list is here: Summer Wells MissingSummer Wells still missingSummer Wells day 8 and 9Summer Wells day 10Where is the red truck?Mom talks about Summer WellsDad talks about Summer Wells From this day forward I will be adding all updates on to this […]

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Police ask for tips on missing 6-year-old Sarah Avon

Sarah Avon, 6, has been missing from Joliet, Illinois since July 21, 1981. She was last seen near Oscar Avenue walking across the street near her home on 716 Richards Street around 8:20 p.m. Her mother stated in an newspaper interview shortly after she went missing, “”Sarah and her sister, Marie, 5, had been playing […]

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11-year-old Angelica Gandara missing since 1985

Her sister told Mendoza KCENTV that on that day Angelica went missing she stopped at a friends house, visited her grandmother and then began walking home around 5 p.m., but she never made it home.   After the familly searched for her, they called the police. A witness came forward and told the police they […]

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Daniel Robinson goes missing at job site in Arizona

UPDATE: The Jeep of Daniel Robinson was found on Monday by a rancher on his property approximately four miles southwest of the job site Robinson was last seen at, according to police. Robinson’s Jeep was FOUND in a ravine. It had rolled and landed on its side, according to the police. The vehicle’s airbags were deployed and […]

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Remains found buried on Jackson County Missouri property

Remains have been found on a property owned by Michael Hendricks in the 4000 South Buckner-Tarsney Road in Grain Valley, Missouri. Hendricks, 40, is currently in jail accused of seven felonies in Jackson County Court related to having sex with Maggie Ybarra in front of a child under the age of 14 and sexually molesting her, reports […]

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Dad of Summer Wells speaks to reporter

Don Wells, the fathers of Summer Wells, the 5-year-old that has been missing from Tennessee since June 15, 2021, spoke to a reporter for Kinksport Times News again on July 12 and revealed some new information along with her personal feelings about the case. One, that sticks out the most is he states that […]

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