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Manhunt for escaped convict Lester Eubanks

Wanted Missing Lester Eubanks The US Marshals have announced they have added a man who escaped from prison over 40 years ago to their list of 15 Most Wanted.  Back in November 1965, a 14-year-old Mary Ellen Denner from Mansfield, Ohio was shot and bludgeoned to death. Authorities arrested Lester Eubanks the next day and […]

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Jane Doe identified as Elizabeth Lamotte who went missing in 1984

Back in January 2017, I wrote about the Allenstown Four murders where the police had identified the murderer as being Robert Evans aka as Terry Rasmusen,  At that time the police asked for help to identify three children and a woman who was found in a barrel.  Police believed the woman might have been Evan’s […]

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Serial Killer Samuel Little provides details for 90 unsolved murders

Samuel Little Serial Killer I will be adding names to this post as they start to come: Authorities in Macon, Ga., say Little was behind two unsolved slayings there, the 1977 murder of a still-unidentified woman and the 1982 strangling of Fredonia Smith. According to the Macon Telegraph, Little “gave investigators specific details and information which […]

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Serial Killer in Texas is Border Patrol Supervisor

Serial Killer Texas Juan David Ortiz, 35, has just been arrested in Texas and the authorities are calling him a serial killer.  Ortiz who is a supervisor for the U.S. Border Patrol was found hiding in a truck in the parking lot of the Laredo hotel, in Laredo, Texas, after a police pursuit. He is […]

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Vivian Quaid

Vivian Quaid missing from New Orleans, Louisiana FOUND

 Vivian Quaid New Orleans, Louisiana FOUND Marie posted: “The Seattle police found an abandoned computer along with numerous personal ID documents including passports and social security documents for both Vivian and Jake in a café. This is what triggered the concern for the young couple. The police found Vivian and Jake in Oregon. The local police […]

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tina farmer

Redheaded Murders, one identified, 11 more cases remain unsolved

Redheaded Murders Campbell County Tennessee September 6, 2018 – A Jane Doe that was found over 30 years ago has been identified as Tina Marie McKenney Farmer, 21.  The body was found wrapped in a blanket along I-75 in Campbell County Tennessee.  The female had seen strangled to death about 3-5 days before she was found.  The […]

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Cameron Parish

Police release image of severed head found in Louisiana; is there a connection to the one found in Houston?

Jane Doe – Cameron Parish Louisiana The Cameron Parish authorities have released a forensic facial imaging that are hoping the public can identify.  On March 1, 2018, a severed head was found on La 27 south of Hackberry.  She was not identified and the police released the image reconstruction in hopes that someone would know […]

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head found

Did witnesses catch a serial killer throwing a woman’s head off a bridge?

Human head found On March 1, 2018, a Cameron Parish cleaning crew found a head in a plastic bag on the side of the road near La. 27 at mile marker 59.7 near the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge in Hackberry, Louisiana.  Then on March 24, another head in a plastic bag was found near Houston […]

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eugene serial killer

Can you identify the man who is a Eugene Serial Killer?

Eugene Serial Killer Geraldine Toohey was murdered in 1988 and Gladys Hensley and Janice Dickinson were murdered in 1986, and now authorities can tie their murders to one suspect who is a Eugene serial killer. A DNA Phenotype Snapshots that was done on the DNA that was obtained at the scene of the murders showed […]

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Six women missing from Albuquerque since 2001

Many women were found buried in a mass grave in Albuquerque in 2009. The case was dubbed the work of the West Mesa Bone Collector.  In the end 11 female bodies were found and authorities state that six more are still missing. Six women from 2001 and 2006 are still missing and have not been […]

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