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Missing Person? What to do!

When your loved one becomes a missing person, it is the scariest thing in the world! This advice will guide you.

Your loved one is a missing person.  Many people are under the impression that all they need to do is call the police to report a missing person and there will be an “all points bulletin” made and hundreds of police officers will rush to search for your loved one.  Sadly, that is not the case.  The way a missing persons case is handled varies from city to city and state to state.  Where you will have in larger towns a whole department that is just for missing people, in most towns that job is shared by the same police officers that handle all the other requests and phone calls they get.  Because they are not specifically trained in this issue they sometimes give wrong advice, like telling the family to wait a few days and call back or labeling a teen as a runaway.

The ebook below goes over the steps you need to take when your loved one is a missing person.

The very first step is to get a missing person report.  If a police officer tells you to call back to file a missing person report, you much talk with a police chief.  The first 24 hours that a missing person is missing is the most crucial and the old thought of waiting is no longer an acceptable practice with the police, but there are still some that didn’t get the memo, so to speak, so it is up to you to push until you get that report done.

The second step is reaching out to social media where there are lists of advocates and organizations that are there to walk you through this crisis.  You can start with this website and go to the “Missing Resources” page for guidance.

All this above information and much more is available in my, How to Use Social Media to Help you Find a Missing Person.

How do you file a missing persons report?

How do you create a missing person flyer?
How do you post a missing person on Facebook?
Should I hire a Private Investigator?
How do I know if the police are searching?
What if the police don’t search?
Where can I get help?


All these questions and more are answered in:

How to Use Social Media to Help you Find a Missing Person by Jerrie Dean

This book is chock full of information to help you know what to do the minute your loved one goes missing.  From who to call, what information you need to give the police, with special chapters on teenagers to resources that you never knew existed.

Here is what you’ll learn about in this book:

Chapter 1 – Reporting your loved one missing – Most everyone turns to the police to help them find missing person, but you should realize that not all missing people are treated equally.  Information to give to the police, questions to ask the police.
Chapter 2 – Police called, now, what? – The realization that your loved one is a missing person is probably really hitting at this point.  You want to do something, but what?
Chapter 3 – Social Media – Never before has there been a time like this where we can reach out to so many people.  With a few typed words and a press of a computer key, you can reach thousands to 100’s of thousands of people.
Chapter 4 – Missing Children – Missing children are always a priority with police, and there is support for parents immediately.  Police will decide rather quickly what type of missing case they are dealing with…and it will be instrumental in the way the police handle the case. 
Chapter 5 – Media, a necessary evil – I think many will agree that the media is a necessary evil.  Without them many things would be going on right under our noses and we would know nothing about them…but when you have a child that goes missing, you might find them to be instrusive.
Chapter 6 – Why you should hire a private investigator – As soon as someone goes missing the very first thing we do is contact the police…you’re excited the police are going to search for your loved one, but after a few days, things get quiet.
Chapter 7 – Questions and Answers – Is my missing loved one in a witness protection program?
Resources – Advocates, state and federal resources; missing person requirements by state.

“In the 21st Century we are no longer depending solely on the police to search for our loved ones, as we can get the word out ourselves through social media. Many, don’t know how to go about doing that and that is what this book will show you. From your very first phone call, you will read directions and explanations on what you should do when your loved one becomes a missing person. What to tell the police, how to talk to the media and how to get social media behind you.”

You can download this book immediately by clicking on this link .

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