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Missing Person Editorial Jerrie Dean

Missing Person Editorials

Links to editorial articles are below.  Editorial articles are written by the editor and guest authors.   You can also find more Editorials by putting the word “editorial” in the search box above on the right.

These stories are on many different subjects from stories that take a closer looks at the missing, advice on the missing, stories that come from talking to families or tips received to tips on searching for the missing.

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No Happy Ending for Mystery Italy girl

Is an underground world of sex traffickers the real reason for our missing men and women?

Social Media wants to know why someone went missing

Why Billy’s Law should not pass and NCIC and NamUs should not be combined

What does Inconclusive mean on a Polygraph Test?

Should you look for a missing person yourself?

Did the police rush to judgement on what happened to the McStay’s

Patrick McStay:  I do not suspect Chase Merritt

Who Killed Joey and Summer McStay?

Who Killed Joey and Summer McStay? Part Two

Was the Isuzu Trooper found in the High Desert a hoax?

Bodies found in Victorville identified as Joey and Summer McStay

Marc Klaas speaks his mind about Sylvia Brown’s passing

Missing Luke Stout

McStay Family:  Rumors and lies; will be ever know the truth? 

 Dylan Redwine:  Protest planned outside dad’s house

How many child abductions have there been in Colorado?

Could this man have anything to do with the abduction of Jessica Ridgeway? 

Is Clyde Hall the Candyman? 

Suspect sought for trying to lure children with candy. 

A picture worth a thousand words

Will more victims connected to the alleged killer of Mickey Shunick be found?

Laura Spierer and Mickey Shunick-  is it the same truck?

Are bath salts the cause of Ayla Reynolds’ disappearance?

Where was missing Maria Murphy going?

Liberty Dispatch letter brings up questions about missing Larry Baker and the police

Ayla Reynolds:  Father did take poly

When Advocacy becomes Lunacy

Stacy English and Phoenix Coldon – are their disappearances related?

The Thousand Yard Stare

One of America’s Children is missing

Lisa Irwin:  Celebrity PI Wild Bill Stanton joins search

Lisa Irwin:  Abduction or accident?

Are you or your family likely to become a missing person?

Ty Ritter:  Project Child Safe

Should Robbie Romero’s mom recognize him?

Missing Persons of 9/11

MPofA receives threatening emails and phone call over parental kidnapping

 Lauren Spierer: Friends won’t talk, hire attorneys

Charles Schoeneman: Has justice finally been served?

Missing Persons and the Water

Deborah Heriford: Where are you, Debbie?

Deborah Heriford: News Story

 Missing cat finds owner during CNN interview 

Missing Persons and suicide

Sunday morning thoughts

What to do when your teenager is a runaway

 How to keep your child safe walking to and from school


 How to increase your chances of a loved one being found the superman syndrome – would you recognize a missing person if they were standing right in front of you?

Jonathan Kyle Ferguson: Note from a reader

Amy Henslee and mom’s “secret code”

Adji Desir case

Summer Inman:  Exclusive Interview