I receive a lot of questions every day from how to post a missing person to finding someone. And have listed the most popular ones here:

  • Where can I post about a missing person?
    You can post for free on Missing Persons of America’s Facebook page or go to this tab to read more about posting on the website.
  • My loved one went missing; what do I do?
    I have written an ebook that tells you everything you need to know about the process of reporting a missing person all the way to drawing attention from Social Media.  Click here to read more and order. 
  • I have contacted the police, what else can I do?  Click here to go to a list of resources.
  • Do you take tips?  Yes, either anonymously or if you want us to use your name we will, it is up to you.
  • Do you tell the police about the tip?  It depends. Sometimes, we pass it directly to the families and sometimes to the police.  But if you have asked us to remain anonymous, we do not tell them where the information came from.
  • I haven’t seen my cousin for years, can I get you to find him?  We only post missing people that have official missing persons reports submitted to the police.
  • Can I post on Missing Persons of America’s Facebook page?  Yes, but they must be reported missing to the police, and we suggest a poster of the missing person is usually best.  We have found the Aware Foundation on Facebook is very helpful and will put together a poster for you for free.  After you get the poster, go ahead and put it on our Facebook page.
  • When will you be on TV again?  I post when I will be on TV on the Facebook page and there are also links to past times I have been on TV or in news reports.  You can click here to see them.
  • I am a news reported can I contact you on a story?  Of course, call me directly.  Please go to this page to learn how.
  • I am working on a TV concept and need your expertise, can I call you?  Of course, please refer to this page first before calling.



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