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Note to media:  Feel free to use all or part of the press release (below the links) when writing about Missing Persons of America or Jerrie Dean.  Because time is an issue, media can also contact Jerrie directly at (619) 654-7427 by text or calling. All others where there is no time constraint, please send email to or contact through IM at Facebook.  Click here to read Missing Persons of America’s founder’s bio.


Retired:  Drug Enforcement Administration
Current:  Writer for Missing Persons of America
Current:  Researcher for film production companies.
Current:  YouTube Channel began in October 2019
(Contact me if you would like to hire me to help with your TV development or research needs.)
Past:  On air personality for Missing Person Radio Show for East County Magazine
Past:  Writer for Missing Person’s Examiner for The Examiner

Guest appearances:

Happily N’ever After (Self/Expert)  ID Discovery Channel or Episode here.


Guest with Chester Moore on KLVI AM 560  – 2019

Embla Jauhojarvi to meet father in Rome – Gold Coast Bulletin  – Missing Persons of America, who prompted the investigation after their initial blog post about the young woman who had been spotted by a local went viral, said the result was “amazing” and down to the international community.

Missing Homeless in America 

Missing Texas Forty – KHOU News 2016

With One tragic Exception, All UT Missing Person Have Been Found Quickly – Reporting Texas, May 2016.

Facebook page shares photos of homeless that may be missing people – Zoom Dune Feb. 2015

San Diegans probe 1965 Dorothy Kilgallen murder mysterySan Diego Times, Nov. 2015

Justice Sought for newspaper woman dead since 1965 – San Diego Reader, Nov. 2015

Dorothy Kilgallen – Letterondonna, Feb. 2, 2017

Houston Chronicle Why is there so many missing from Montgomery and Liberty Counties, Oct. 2015

KAMC news Skype interview about Mark Ysasaga and missing and social media

Pittsburg Tribune Review, April 2015

Fox 5 McStay’s father criticizes SD investigators

Huffington Post:  Laura Simonson Case

Toledo Talk, Jan. 2014

Missing Persons:  Connected Cases invoke family’s suspicions – Fort Bragg Advocate News – Feb 2014

Lauth Investigations website, July 2014

McStay memorial erected in Victorville – Kristy Wolski, Nov. 2013

Remains of missing Fallbrook family found Fox 5 San Diego -Video below

NBC-7 Phone interview Laura Macias

CBS-8 McStay story

East County Magazine 2013 Interview


Glendene Grant’s BlogTalk show.  Click here to listen to it. Jerrie Dean comes on at 47.35 into the show.

Hiring a Private Investigator

The Journal News – Interview for Online Publication

East County Magazine – Radio interview on Missing Persons of America website

The State Journal Register – Interview for Online Publication

The – Interview for Online publication

KNSJ Radio News (Hannah Anderson case) – Radio interview

Three Teens found after Missing for over 40 years 

KKTV Debbie Heriford – Online Publication and TV News
see story here) and KKTV (see story here) about missing Deborah Heriford,

Chelsee Hoffman Case to Case, April 2014

Sighting of woman in Spring Valley – East County Magazine

KKTV Debbie Heriford

McStay Case:


Phone Interview CBS 8

Phone Interview CBS 8

CBS News 8 – San Diego, CA News Station – KFMB Channel 8

McStay memorial erected in Victorville

Remains of missing Fallbrook family found Fox 5 San Diego -Video belowEast County McStay on the remains being found

Report on the home video


Dad fears missing daughter has been abducted,CrimeOnline,Sept 16, 2020

Where is Fauna Fay -Inside Edition,Sept.10, 2020

Kaitlyn Leonard Jan 7, 2019 Michigan Live

Kaitlyn Leonard Jan. 9, 2019

Monsters and Critiques, Charles Kinkel, Nov. 21, 2018

Luc Tieman testifies

Lawrence County Sheriff uses social media to seek tips on 2016 missing person case – WKRN News, Jan. 23, 2018 – Sheriff asks everyone to share MPofA’s post

20-year-old-girl goes missing, social media accounts  vanish – KOAT News

Louis Mackerly Disappeared in Allentown, Penn.  – Crime Time, Oxygen Network

20-year-old goes missing, social media accounts vanish – KOAT News

Daughter vanishes from home – 6 months later mom sees this photo on Facebook.  

Two soldiers are missing.  Their families say the Army refused to look for two weeks – Huffington Post

Lorena talks to media about Missing Persons of America – In Italian only

Teenager living in Rome could be Madeleine McCann – Birmingham Mail

Mystery girl in Rome sparks Madeleine McCann Speculation –

Italian authorities work to identify mysterious, English speaking homeless woman – Fox News World

English speaking teen could be Madeleine McCann – Mirror

Mystery of the English speaking girl living on the streets of Italy – Daily Mail

Hunter hears missing 9-year-old’s cries for help in cornfield – GoMn

Kylr Yust:  5 Fast Facts you Need to Know –

Clowns in the Woods – Inquisitr

Missing Tennessee woman found deceased – Inquisitr

6 Unbelievable Unsolved Crimes to Intrigue your Inner Investigator (Adam Hecht story) – Rasmussen College 

Illinois mom mysteriously disappears – Huffington Post.

Kylr Yust: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know –

Missing Brian Summerlin – Las Vegas Sun

Police File Charges Agains NY Woman – Independent Journal Review

American Psychos: 10 Modern Serial Killers – Rolling Stone Magazine

Weeks after girl went missing from a family campsite – Rare

Teen Found After Mother Discovers Photos Online – Opposing Views

Body of Bobby Maples believed to be found – Inquisitr

Sheriff’s investigate 24-year-old female missing from Hamilton County – WKTV

Illinois mom’s mysterious disappearance – Huffington Post

Mississippi woman missing in New Orleans – Clarion Ledger

Amber Alert issued for Tenn girl – Daily News

Missing Teen Found After Mother Discovers Photos Online – Opposing View

Family of man missing from St. David pleads for closure – Benson News Sun

Rico Harris:  “Disappeared’ Aires Story of Missing Globetrotter – Inquisitr

Family of missing from St. David pleads for closure

Search continues for missing Saltville Woman – SWVA Today

Michael Cavallar missing –

 Michael Cavallari missing – Deseret News – Dec.
Michael Cavallari missing – KSL .com – Dec. 5, 2015

An America Missing in Paris – NBC News on Twitter message I posted that went viral

Patricia Spencer and Pamela Hobley – Daily Mail


IIG West 


Standard Examiner

Mass Live

The Patch

LA Times – Kristin Cavalari

County Messenger – Candy Belle Del Monaco

Search continues for missing Saltville woman – Southwest Virginia Today

Body found in St. Croix was missing woman – Press Pubs

Trenton Suzor – Toledo Talk

Inquisitor – Alma Del Rea

Joliet Patch – Deputy Robin Abrams

East County Magazine – Hannah Anderson

Wish TV – Brianna Dibbattiste

Standard Examiner – Wolfert Sisters



Radio Show:

2013 Host “Missing Persons of America Radio Show” on KNSJ 89.1

On January 1, 2016 we passed 7,000,000 plus views, and 14,000 subscribers.
On May 16, 2016 we passed 8,000,000 views and 16,500 subscribers.
In Sept. 2016 we had 9,000,000 views and 21,000 subscribers.
December 2016 we reached 10,000,000 views and 25,000 subscribers.
December 2017 Moved to a new host, 3 million views in one year and 45,000 subscribers


“How to Use Social Media to Help you Find a Missing Person” was written by Jerrie Dean in 2013 and is currently on sale at Amazon.

In the 21st Century we are no longer depending solely on the police to search for our loved ones, as we now have the internet and social media, but how can we get the social media to help? From the very first chapter you will receive instructions and explanations on what you should do when your loved one becomes a missing person, i.e., how to talk to the police, where to look for clues, how to get media attention to how to get social media to help you search and get the word out about your missing person, with a special section on runaways and children, and FAQs. This guide will help you avoid the confusion, answer your questions, and give you ideas you never thought off on what you need to do when your loved one is missing.

Wikipedia:  Perry Ray Robinson

Press Release

Jerrie Dean has a very full day, between researching and developing TV shows and running a news website on missing persons, called “Missing Persons of America”.  With 2,300 people a day reported missing, Jerrie is barely scratching the surface, but she doesn’t mind, it is something she feels she was born to do.

Jerrie’s advocacy for missing persons comes from the parental kidnapping of her twin brothers and sister before she was born.

“As I got older and looked back,  it explained a lot about my parent’s behavior,” explained Jerrie.  My mother watched me like a hawk and there was always a German Shepherd by my side when I went out to play. And it also explained after I grew up and my son was born, why I so diligent watched over him.  I didn’t even identify my actions as a result of what happened in my youth.  Now I know it affected several generations of my family.  My grandparents, my parents, and myself,” said Jerrie.

Stories of missing people, especially missing children, occupied Jerrie’s mind for weeks.  When she heard someone was missing, she would research and gather as much information as she could.  She knew more than most did about Missing Person (MP) cases, and she knew more about the emotions involved.

The beginning of the idea

In 2009, Jerrie decided to take all her research knowledge and her personal experiences and start her own Missing Persons column at, after retiring from federal law enforcement.

“I loved what I was doing, but I wanted to do more.  I wanted to personalize what I was sharing so I began a website called, Missing Persons of America,” said Jerrie.

Jerrie knows that not all Missing Person cases are treated equally by the media.  Sometimes it is impossible to get the word out and now that is no longer the case.   All you have to do is contact Missing Persons of America and your story will be posted.

I am astounded each morning when I  see how many people are reading Missing Persons of America,” said Jerrie. “Because I get a lot of my information straight from the families, many of the media outlets pick up my stories.  I have been contacted by several TV shows for more information about stories I have posted.  This works out well for the families as it’s even more people that can help look for their loved ones.  Also, because people trust me, I receive tips and information about missing persons that news and police don’t receive.

If you would like to know more about Missing Persons of America, stop by the Facebook page or contact Jerrie Dean at (619) 654-7427.