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Missing Persons of America – Jerrie Dean

Missing Persons of America was started by Jerrie Dean in February 2011 and one year later reached 1 million visitors.  At the end of December, 2016, there was over 10 million hits on the website.

Missing Persons of America’s goal is to provide information about all missing persons in America.  Missing Person of America (MPofA) knows that not all missing persons are treated equally, with some getting more media attention than others.  The website was born to provide a place for all missing persons to get equal national attention. It has also proven to be a place where people can ask question and get advice.  Social media and readers leave comments and tips about a missing person.

Jerrie who is retired from Federal Law Enforcement is an advocate for missing persons in America.  Her drive came from her siblings that were victims of a parental abduction when they were 3 and 4 years old.  She witnessed the effect it had on her mother as she grew up. Although her brothers and sister were safely located ten years later, the effect in the family dynamics was something that was never shaken.  Jerrie often draws from this, when dealing with other families that are going through the same thing.

Jerrie also works on the Missing Texas Forty, which is a story about more than 40 people missing from two adjoining counties in Texas.  As time has passed the number has surpassed 50, and she continues to work with the families to dig up and record information that might answer the mystery of why so many have gone missing from that area and also lead to the location of those missing.

Film Production

Jerrie has been approached by film production companies interested in pitching the networks with different concept ideas based on original stories that appear on MPofA for film production.  Jerrie welcomes new contacts and concepts and is open to sharing her own ideas.


She has done interviews on her articles with “BBC News,” “LA Times,” “Fox News,” and the “Discovery Channel,” and was featured on the Investigative Discovery Channel show, “Happily N’ever After,” talking about the Cassie Cotta story.  Jerrie was the first to break the story when the McStay family was located, and the first to bring out a connection regarding the Laura Simonson Case.  Jerrie is a source for news media all over the U.S. because of the information she receives from years of developing relationships with family of the missing and confidential sources, that although asked, politely declines to divulge.  Click here to see her list of interviews.    A press release with background information can be read at the bottom of the page.

Between November 2013 and 2014, Jerrie did a radio segment called  Missing Persons of America that aired on KNSJ 89.1 FM in San Diego, Calif.

Jerrie is currently working on her own YouTube channel, as of late 2019, where she shares stories of the missing.  Click here to visit.


Quoted by the media on the subject of missing persons and on how social media has become a major factor in helping to locate missing persons, since the release of her book, “How to Use Social Media to Help you find a Missing Person

Jerrie was invited to eHow Studios to give her expert opinion on the future development of their website.  One of her articles is being used as a course study material for Duke University called “Introduction to Experiential Education Class”.

Short Bio:  Jerrie is retired from federal law enforcement and lives in Texas with her husband and son’s and spends each and every day sharing the missing on her blog and her new YouTube channel.

If you would like Jerrie to be a guest speaker or would like an interview or just need more in-depth information about any of the cases she has covered, you can contact her via email at  If you are with the media please click the media tab (above) to reach Jerrie.

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  2. Please can you tell me whether the blond child at Ganj Basoda station in India in the photo in 2016 posted on your site was ever helped? Many thanks