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Anyone can go ahead and put a missing person flyer or missing persons poster or photo of a missing person on MPofA’s Facebook page.  It is free.  If you have not done that and would like to, click here.

To post a missing person of this website, we ask for a small donation, to help us keep the website going.  If you would like to do that please keep reading:

A self-submit on Facebook gets 500 to thousands of reads and up to 50 shares, before it begins to disappear from the top, a post that we put on the website and then share on Facebook gets 25,000 to 250,000 views and 500 to 3000 shares, depending on which type of submission you chose. Why the difference?  

Because I have been doing this for so many years, I know how to bring attention to a story and what makes people want to share the story and photo.  Plus, I have access to over 50,000 people and growing daily.  Also,  I can pin a story to the top which helps increase the views, and keeps it from dropping down on Facebook and getting lost by other submissions.  Also, many times, the media will pick up the story, either because I have forwarded the story to them from my contacts and past communications with the media, or they will see a story on the website.

This is one of the most sought after attention that the family of a missing person is looking for.  For examples of what I am talking about, make sure to scroll to the examples below to see, if you are ready to purchase, choose which one you prefer at the red links.

Your submission will be shared to thousands via our email listing AND on Facebook with 24,000+ likes.  Submission is simple and we have three different types you can choose.   Because of the time involved to create, verify information, post, and submit to social media we ask for a donation to help us keep the website going.  

If you are not sure what type of submission you would like, please keep reading.  Then, fill out the contact form at the bottom after you have made your selection and paid.   We will contact you after we receive your submission.

Simple submissions

$5.00 Click here to pay
Example:  Leah Williams

This includes one photo and a paragraph about the missing person, that will be posted on the Missing Persons of America website and shared on social media (Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter), including MPofA’s Facebook page that reaches on an average of 35,000 to 100,000 organic (non-paid posts) people a week. (Please note, the person must have been reported as missing by the police).  The single submission will go on the front page of the website and pinned to the top for at least four hours, and will be given a request by me to share.  Everyone on MPofA’s email list is emailed the story once it is posted.

Make sure to send your submission information via the form below.

Sponsored Marque submissions

$10.00 Click here to pay

Marque submissions are missing posters located at the top right hand corner of the website.  The poster is put there for two weeks. Clicking on the photo takes the reader to the story.   It is large and “showcased” so that readers notice it.  The poster will remain there until the missing persons is found or the time period has ended, which ever comes first.  You can extend that time for additional two weeks by purchasing again, or purchasing for a month ($20), which is usually what most do.  Everyone on MPofA’s email list is emailed the story.  It is also put on MPofA’s Facebook page asking reader’s to share.

Make sure to send your submission information via the form below.
NOTE:  Go to the “Buy Now” button to make your purchase, and include the missing persons name in the merchant instructions.  After your purchase, MAKE SURE TO COME BACK HERE to begin the process of filling out the contact information below. You will receive a response within 2-4 hours.

Research and Interview Submissions

$25.00 Click here to pay

A full-page written about your missing person, which includes 2-hours of research and verification, any extra information that you have that you would like on the post and at least 4 photos that you provide.  We have found the more of a story you have and the more of a back story the family is willing to provide the more likelihood the story will be picked up by local media.

This includes:

Asking you questions about the circumstances surrounding the disappearance, asking for needed information to support the post, providing guidance through the process, suggestions to bring the best attention to the post, and continued support with updates and answering of public questions.  My years of experience will result with a post written to help garnish the most possible views.   Submission will be posted first thing in the morning and be put in the showcase space on the top upper right.  This has been historically the best value for your money as these stories get the most shares and reads.  More tips come in from this type of story than any other that we run and are more likely to get picked up by the media.  I provide further support by doing social media for you to get the process going and submitting the story through many channels AND sending the story directly to the media, from my media sources I have collected through the years.  (Please note there is no guarantee that media will pick up the story as it is up to their discretion.)  I provide support by liaison between you and the media or I can provide the media with your private contact information so they can contact you directly.

Make sure to send your submission information via the form below.

Examples:  You can do an interview like the David Neily story or the Robin Burton story or you can provide information and I will write-up a full-page, including quotes from the family, like the Kristin Smart story. Your post will remain on the front page of MPofA for 24-hours.

Social Media tries to help identify young woman in Italy from a single photo submitted to MPofA exclusively, the story was picked up by the media nationally and internationally making it the most read and shared story ever on MPofA in 2016.

Mallory Curran reached 35,000 views in less than 24 hours on Facebook and additional 11,000 views on the website, she was subsequently found a week later,
Mark Ysasaga  and the story picked up by the media
Daniel Yuen
Rico Harris picked up by Investigation Discovery
David Neily and the story was picked up by media.
Cloudia Wells and the story on the news
Scott Leger and the story picked up by Mass Live News
Laura Simonson and the story was picked up by media.
McStay Family and the story was picked up by media.
Kristin Smart
David Riemens and the story was picked up by Investigation Discovery Network


The article will then be posting also on social media, including but not limited to, Missing Persons of America’s Facebook page that has over 25,000 likes, and is shared by others on Facebook and is regularly monitored by news and other missing advocates and non profits.  Also, submissions will appear on Tumbler, Reddit,  GooglePlus and Linkin.  Your MP’s story can reach anywhere from 2,000 to 20,000 views and even as much as 200,000 views as it is shared around the web through the various social media sites and Google searches Also, please note that the media reads this site to obtain information or to contact me to get more details about a missing person and ask for the families contact number so they can do an interview with them, for example the Deborah Heriford story.  Also TV producers look over this site for ideas for TV shows and will also contact me for more details about a particular missing person story they are thinking of doing, for example the Cassie Cotta story was one of those stories that made it to air.     We cannot guarantee your story will be picked up by the news or media, but we can help get out to the public, which will give it a better chance.

Stella Mao emails me regarding her brother, Joseph that was showcased on MPofA, “A billion thanks for your help. I wanted to let you know that my brother had just been found. It wouldn’t have happened without your help. We can’t thank you enough. I’m calling/writing to friends and family. And will post the news to the FB page as soon as I can.

To start the process for submitting your story, please pick the submission you want and order below by clicking here.

“I looked through every single one of these missing cases and it makes my heart ache all over again. So many people missing without a trace…how can this be? Thank you for continuing to share Macin’s story and ‘Missing Persons of America’ for posting.”–Gerphardlt Daily

Go to the “Buy Now” button to make your purchase, and include the missing persons name in the merchant instructions.  After your purchase, MAKE SURE TO COME BACK HERE to begin the process of filling out the contact information below. You will receive a response within 2-4 hours.

Simple submission go up immediately.  We are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., so submissions paid for after that time will not receive a response till the following morning. Then when the post is posted you will receive an email with a link to the post.    Your credit card statement will show ECMS on the receipt.

Submission Form:

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