Cayce McDaniel was 14-years-old when she went missing on Aug. 16 in 1996 from Milan, Tennessee.  Her mother came home to find Cayce’s church clothes on the bed, the television on and the back door wide open.  That was the last she was seen.  On Wednesday the authorities have returned to the home she lived in to search for  clues in her disappearance.

Finish “Pete” Ewin Hill, 66, was named a suspect in Cayce’s disappearance in July 2018.  He was a family friend and Cayce would call him Uncle Pete.  Police stated they knew of him, but never had enough evidence to arrest him.  

7 years later after Cayce’s disappearance, Hill was arrested for trying to abducted a woman at a car wash.  He served a 15-year sentence and was released this year.

In July 2018, Hill was arrested in Southhaven at a hotel room in Mississippi after he went to meet a woman and her daughter he met online, reports News Channel 3.  What Hill didn’t know was he had been corresponding with the police and not the woman and daughter he went to meet.


cayce mcdaniel

The FBI stated they are searching Cayce’s former home using new technology to test for evidence.  

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