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Rita Chretien: Search continues for Al

Update, August 8, 2011:  Elko County authorities say bones found near the site where Rita was found stranded are not from a human. Rita Chretien who survived 7 weeks alone in her car waiting for her husband to return, is doing better. Her liquid diet has been upgraded to regular food. Rita and her husband, […]

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Al and Rita Chretien: Rita found alive, husband still missing

Al and Rita Chretien I could not believe this when I saw it. Rita Chretien has been found alive! Rita and her husband, Al, went missing seven weeks ago. They were last seen in Oregon via a surveillance video at a gas station. Now, we find out they had made it all the way to […]

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Message from the Chretien family

Albert and Rita Chretien Albert and Rita Chretien are still missing, but the Chretien family have made a statement they want to share: “The Chretien family and friends have been extremely touched and moved by the huge response that the disappearance of Albert and Rita Chretien has generated on both sides of the border. We […]

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Al and Rita Chretien: Couple from Canada missing in the U.S. Found

Al and Rita Chretien UPDATE:  Oct 1, 2012 –  The remains Albert Chretien, the man who left his wife in their car while he went for help after their vehicle broke down has been found. Hunters found his body on Saturday in a wooded area in Northern Elko County, Nevada near Merritt Mountain. Albert and […]

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