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Body found in Black Forest area of Colorado

Body has been identified as Jamie Essig A body has been found in the Black Forest area of Colorado on someone’s property.  There has been speculation that it is Deborah Heriford.  I have information that it is not the body of Deborah Heriford. Amy Ahnoen went missing in July.  Read more here. I will post […]

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Deborah Heriford: Husband goes through with wedding plans…kinda

There are many stories on Debbie Heriford, please put “Heriford” in the search box above to read them all. Debbie Heriford has been missing since March, and back in May I told you that her soon to be  ex-husband was planning on getting married in Estes Park to his long-time girlfriend as soon as the […]

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Deborah Heriford: Permanent restraining order against husband ruled

Put Heriford in search box above to read other stories. Deborah Heriford is still missing, and a Judge has ordered a permanent restraining order against Deborah’s husband, Harold “Bob” Heriford on behalf of his daughter and grandchildren, where he is prohibited from contacting them in anyway. MPofA has received “inside information” that Bob’s children have, […]

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Deborah Heriford: News Story

Two News stations in Colorado found the post I had written about Deborah Heriford on May 21st, from a confidential tip I had received, and they have both contacted me for more information. It turned out that they wanted to know more information or at least to divulge my source. I don’t do that so […]

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Deborah Heriford: Husband is allowed to sell vacant home NOT Debbie’s home

I have getting a lot of attention from the media on the missing Deborah Heriford story. On May 21, 2011, I told you that I had received a tip that Harold, Deborah’s soon to be ex-husband, had a wedding date set to marry, a few days after he was expected to receive the final decree […]

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Debbie Heriford: Soon to be ex Husband to marry

Debbie Heriford is still missing and I have received inside information about her husband. Debbie is the woman that disappeared in Colorado Springs and her dog was found alone behind a store, with his leash tangled. Then, the first week of May, police finally stated that they believed they were investigating a homicide, and they […]

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Deborah Heriford: Police suspect foul play

How many of you  are saying, duh, right now after reading the title, “Police suspect foul play?”   I think everyone knew almost immediately that there was foul play involved with Debbie’s disappearance. I wrote about how I wondered if the police would consider foul play if Debbie didn’t show up for her divorce hearing […]

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Deborah Heriford: Missing from Colorado Springs

Sarah Heriford, the daughter of missing Debbie Heriford, spoke to 11 News and said she and her sister have filed a retraining order against their dad, Harold Heriford. The restraining order says that she fears for her safety and that their dad is trying to get items from Debbie’s house.  They also claim that their […]

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Deborah Heriford: Where are you, Debbie?

Deborah Heriford Please note that after this story, I was in contact with the family and the media and subsequently have put up several stories about Debbie.  Please put Heriford above in the search box to read them all.  Debbie still missing, husband allowed to sell home. Update:  There has been speculation that the body […]

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Deborah Heriford: Vigil planned for Saturday evening

Deborah Heriford The children of a missing 51-year-old Colorado Springs woman haven’t given up hope that their mother will return home safe. A candlelight vigil is planned for Saturday evening to offer family and friends of Deborah Heriford a chance to pray for her safe return. Deborah has been missing for a week, and her […]

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