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Photo of blonde-haired child at India train station circulates social media

I was sent a message and a photo of a toddler laying on a blanket in India.  It has been circulating social media as many discuss whether the little girl belongs to that family.  The photo comes from Surendra from India, which was posted on May 7, 2017.  Looking further down on his post we can […]

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Is American Bob Kotan stranded in the Philippines

Bob Kotan stranded in the Philippines hopes to reach his daughter in the U.S. I received a photo of an older man that appeared to be homeless from a reader, JS Guia.  She told me that the man was in the Philippines and was living on the streets.  If you remember a while back I […]

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Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers to search for Tom Brady’s jersey; families of the missing angry

Texas Rangers to search for Brady’s jersey families of missing angry The Texas Rangers are searching for Tom Brady’s missing game jersey and it has a lot of people in an uproar on social media, and it’s not for the reason you would think. According to the news release, Brady’s jersey was stolen from the […]

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Sex Trafficking and Runaway Teens – What Everyone Needs to Know

Sex Trafficking and Runaway Teens Story by Karla Vanatta If you have ever been around teenagers, or if you are a teenager, more than likely you have heard of a child or teenager either running away, or saying that they want to runaway. Maybe you have even considered running away yourself as a teen. There […]

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walmart parking lot

Suicidal Walmart – Sad cases of missing people found deceased at Walmart parking lots

Choosing Walmart as a last destination Suicide is a horrible subject. A mixture of sadness, confusion, and fear swim through my brain whenever I hear that someone has died that way.  Although one side of my brain understands it, the other does not.  Back in the late 90’s it was my duty to collect the […]

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Just A Runaway

Just a Runaway Story by Karla Vanatta The other day I was discussing a missing persons case with a lady and we got on the subject of runaways. Often missing teenagers are perceived as runaways, whether that be from past behavior, clues that they willingly left, or just due to the fact that they are […]

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Editorial – No happy ending for Mystery Italy girl

12/13/16 – I have spoken with Embla’s father and he has started a GoGetFund for Emba for medical transportation for Embla. “Embla can not be released, the the doctors told her that the only way is to a swedish hospital direct,” said Tahvo. “She don´t have a valid travelers insurance, it ended after 45 days. So she […]

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missing texas forty

Missing Texas Forty showcased on KHOU news.

  After the Missing Texas Forty story ran on KHOU news on Tuesday evening, there has been a lot of interest.  Click here to see it.  Because the story was written in March of 2012, and this website shows the latest posted story by date, I have added this post so you can go directly […]

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Can paint cover up human blood on a wall?

Can paint cover up human blood? I saw a post today that reminded me of the McStay case.  The post, which had nothing to do with the McStay’s, joked how they would paint over the blood to hide the evidence, and I began to wonder if this was done at crime scenes.   I was thinking If […]

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Should you look for a missing person yourself?

There are a lot of steps you have to make when you report a loved one missing.  You have to call the police, let family and friends know, gather up photos and information.  You might even have to go as far as calling local shelters or hospitals, but should you physically go search for your […]

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