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Erin Corwin

Top missing person cases of 2014

There are 2300 people that go missing every day in the US.  Some return after a few hours, some days and even some after years, but the number stays pretty consistent to 2300.  But, with those found and new ones going missing by the end of the year it comes out to 83,000 plus people […]

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Erin Corwin: Missing from California Found

UPDATE:  8/19/14 – Erin’s body was found 140 feet down in a mine shaft near Joshua Tree National Park.  Cpl. Christopher Brandon Lee, who is suspected of having had an affair with Erinwas arrested by federal authorities on Sunday in Anchorage. UPDATE 7/21/14 – New information has come out on the missing Erin Corwin’s case […]

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