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Jacque Waller

Jacque Sue Waller: Purse and camera found during search

Jacque Sue Waller, the missing Missouri mother of triplets has been missing since June.  Last Friday, as I posted on the MPofA Facebook fan page, authorities found her purse during a search along I-55. The police that numbered about 50, including the FBI, cut grass and raked an area during their 15-your search when they […]

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Jacque Sue Waller: Clay Waller pleads guilty

Clay Waller, 41, the husband of missing Missouri woman, Jacque Sue Waller, plead guilty to threatening his wife’s sister over the internet, on Monday.  Waller posted a comment on the Topix website to Cheryl Brennecke, Jacque’s sister that said, “You are dead…I will get you 5, 10, 25, years from now.  You have it coming,  […]

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Jacque Waller: Husband confesses to killing Jacque

According to the Southeast Missourian, a prosecutor has reported that James “Clay” Waller has confessed to killing his estranged wife, Jacque Sue Waller. Jacque has been missing since June 1 and Clay was the last person to see her and has told the story that she walked away from his home on foot. Clay was […]

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Jacque Waller: Husband charged for Internet threats

Clay Waller, the husband of missing Missouri woman, Jacque Waller  has been charged for making Internet threats again his sister-in-law. Cheryl Brenneke,  Jacque’s sister, confirms that Waller had threatened her life if any harm came to his children via the website Topix. An investigation by the FBI brought the charges that were filed on Friday […]

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Jacque Sue Waller: Husband to be released from jail

Clay Waller James “Clay” Waller, 41,  was bonded out of jail today after his court hearing.  His bail has been reduced to $27,000, meaning he only need $2,700 to bond out. It is anticipated he will be out of jail by this afternoon. Waller was charged with misdemeanor harassment and felony stealing by deceit, none […]

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Dr. Drew interviews family of Jacque Waller

The disappearance of Missouri mother, Jacque Waller, has devastated the family.  The family knows that Jacque would not intentionally leave behind her five-year-old triplets, Maddox, Avery, and Addison. Jacque disappeared after visiting her estranged husband, Clay Walker, who is currently in jail for theft and harassment unrelated to the disappearance of Jacque.  Police have called […]

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Jacque Waller: Husband arrested in Malden, Missouri

Don’t you just love that mugshot.   What is he thinking?  What is that expression saying?  Gosh, Mr. Police man, you got me! I’m thinking it looks a lot like a smirk.  What do you think? On to the story below. The husband of missing Jacque Waller has been arrested on unrelated charges. James ‘Clay” Waller […]

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Jacque Sue Waller: Husband named person of interest

Jacque Waller In June, I wrote about the disappearance of Jacque Sue Waller, a Missouri mother of triplets, and now more information on her disappearance has come out. Jacque, 39, was last seen by her estranged husband at his house in Jackson, MO, and now some of her business cards have been found on the […]

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Jacque Sue Waller: Missing from Missouri Found

Jacque’s remains were found on May 29, 2013.Put “Waller” in the search above to read all the stories about her. Read latest news here: A mother of three from Jackson, Missouri, has been missing since last Wednesday.   Jacque Sue Waller, 39, was last seen driving towards Cape Girardeau.  She had separated from her husband, […]

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