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James Abriel

Missing Persons and suicide

The suicide of James Abriel, is so very sad.  He was only 19 years old, and he just didn’t understand that whatever his troubles were, they would pass. Over twenty years ago, the brother of my boyfriend had a friend that tried to commit suicide, named Marcus.  He was in high school, the captain of […]

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James Abriel: Dead from self-inflicted gunshot

James Abriel To read my personal note about Tyrone, James and suicide, click here.  James Abriel, 19, the Sonoma State student that went missing April 21, has been found dead in Annadel State Park by the Santa Rosa police dept.  James Abriel, 19, who is from Orinda, California was last seen in Walnut Creek.  During […]

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James Abriel: Missing Sonoma State University student

James Abriel Update:  James Abriel, 19, was found and appeared to have died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Santa Rosa Police said. Police are searching for a Sonoma State University student that has been missing since April 25. James Abriel, 19, was last seen in Walnut Creek on April 21.  He is from Orinda, California. […]

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