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James Donofrio

James Donofrio: Possibly spotted on river bank

A conductor has come forward and said he saw a man jump off the tracks towarr the riverbank of the Mahoning River around 3:30 a.m.,  Monday morning.  The conductor said he lost sight of him after that. Volunteers having been scouring the banks of the river looking for missing James Donofrio, 64, the owner of […]

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James Donofrio: Missing restaurant owner from Ohio Found

UPDATE:  4/9/13 –  A body that was found near Clarington on the shore of the Ohio River on March 25, 2012, has been identified through dental records as belonging to James Donofrio.  Chief of Detectives Capt. Mark Milstead said the department was told that it is estimated that Donofrio’s body was in the water for […]

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