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Katelyn Markham

Have the police found the man responsible for the disappearance of Katelyn Markham?

< div dir=”ltr” style=”text-align: left;”> Click on any of the links below this article to read more about Katelyn Markham’s disappearance. Fairfield Police Dept are investigating whether there is a connection between a man from Michigan who they arrested on an alleged sexual assault charge and the disappearance of young woman from Fairfield, Ohio last […]

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Katelyn Markham: Did fiance take a lie detector test or not?

Over the last couple of days there has been a lot of media reports about John Carter, the fiance of missing Katelyn Markham, not being truthful about whether he took a lie detector test or not. John said he took one, shortly after Katelyn’s disappearance and then later, on the Nancy Grace show, he said […]

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Thoughts on the missing Katelyn Markham case

Katelyn Markham and John Carter I watched Nancy Grace which was promoting an exclusive interview with John Carter, the fiancee of missing Katelyn Markham. I was disappointed when I realized that it was going to be a phone conversation.  I really wanted to see John Carter on TV. Nancy asked many questions of John Carter, […]

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Katelyn Markham: Missing from Ohio Found

UPDATE:  12/18/15 – Evidently there will be a news conference today about Katelyn.  Her dad, Dave Markham said he has always believed someone killed his daughter by accident or in the heat of the moment, and that there was a cover up. He is asking that the case be moved from Fairfield. Michael Crisp, a […]

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Katelyn Markham: Missing from Fairfield

Search for Katelyn Markham to read all the stories about her.  Click here to read the latest story. Today is Katelyn Markham’s 23rd birthday and instead of celebrating it with her fiance, John Carter, she is missing. Volunteers and police have joined together to search near her Fairfield, Ohio home on Dorshire Drive to search […]

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Katelyn Markham: Missing woman from Fairfield, Ohio Found

Update:  I have done a lot of stories about Katelyn.  Please go to the search button on top of the page and type in Katelyn Markham to read all the stories. UPDATE:  8/13/14 – According to WKRC news,  Retired Butler County Sheriff’s cold case detective, Frank Smith who operates Ohio Polygraph in Hamilton, was put […]

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