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Krista Dittmeyer

Krista Dittmeyer: Details of Krista’s death released

Three alleged assholes, I mean, suspects have been arrested in connection with the death of Krista Dittmeyer. If you remember her car was found running with the doors open and her baby daughter sitting alone in the back seat. Details of her death state that she was hit on the head with a rubber hammer […]

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Krista Dittmeyer: Boyfriends brother found in woods

The Conway Daily Sun reports that the brother of Krista’s boyfriend, Richard Acker, 28, and another man, Corey Poland, 25, were found in the woods around Cranmore, Tuesday night. Krista had been living with Kyle Acker, 26, who is the father of her baby, until June, when he was arrested on drug charges stemming from […]

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Krista Dittmeyer: Missing Maine mom found dead

Krista Dittmeyer and her daughter The body of the missing Maine mother who disappeared after her child was found inside  a running car with it’s flashers on, has been found. “She was located in what is known around this area as Duck Pond.  We are treating this as a suspicious death,” said Asst. Attorney General […]

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Krista Dittmeyer: Blood found in car

Police believe they have found traces of blood in Krista Dittmeyer’s car. “We believe there is blood evidence in the vehicle,” Carroll County Sheriff Christopher Conley told The New Hampshire Union Leader. Krista Dittmeyer has not been seen since her baby was found alone in a running car with its flashers on in Conway, New […]

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Krista Dittmeyer: Search warrant served The Conway police have executed two search warrants today.  One was for the car, of course, and the other one is for a second vehicle seized in North Conway. MissingPersonsOfAmerica

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Krista Dittmeyer: Missing from Portland, Maine

Update:  The body of Krista Dittmeyer has been found, click here to read more. This is a very unusual story.  Krista Dittmeyer’s baby was found inside her car, in a parking lot, with the engine running and the hazard lights on. The police have been searching all day but they have not find Krista.  The […]

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