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Looking back at the McStay case and the arrest of Chase Merritt Part Two

Chase was arrested in Chatsworth Click here to read Part One Chase Merritt When Chase Merritt was arrested I had no idea until the media began calling me Friday morning. I was caught completely off guard and I believe Patrick was, too, because I am sure he would have called me if he had known […]

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Kristin Smart: Missing Cal Poly student’s story to air on Vanished!

Kristin Smart Earlier this year, I did a very thorough report on missing Kristin Smart.  I talked with Kristin’s mother, Denise and Dennis Mahon who were a wealth of information. This case was very complicated and has been going on for years and subsequently there was a lot to report on it. Luckily, Denise and […]

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Kristin Smart: Missing since 1996

UPDATE – 2/6/20 -According to The Tribune, ABC7 and CBS2, Flores was detained by police then released. Authorities have searched Flores’ home in San Pedro and were seen leaving the home of Flores’ parents in Arroyo Grande.  They were seen with a computer, a brown paper bag, a storage bin and other pieces of evidence […]

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