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Nancy Grace profiles Allyson Corrales case

Nancy Grace has showcased the Allyson Corrales case.  Click here to watch it. Allyson is missing after her mother was found dead in her apartment.  MissingPersonsOfAmerica

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Nancy Grace talks about the McStay family

From my home town is the story of the Missing McStay family that disappeared.  I reported that the show Disappeared was doing a story and now Nancy Grace will be doing their story tonight.  Check out my story below to learn more. The missing McStay family that disappeared in February 2010, and left behind their […]

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Adji Desir case

I was asked to watch Nancy Grace show on Adji Desir, a case that I wrote about several weeks back. Nancy was able to get more information on the case from Sgt. Ken Becker, and I wanted to share that with everyone. Not only should you watch the video to learn Adji’s story and to help keep […]

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Nancy Grace talks about Adji Desir

My new friend Kelly Nolan from AttentionUSA  brought it to my attention that Adji Desir will be on Nancy Grace tonight, Tuesday 9pm ET on HLN.  I will be watching the show, how about you! MissingPersonsOfAmerica

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