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Looking back at the McStay case and the arrest of Chase Merritt Part Two

Chase was arrested in Chatsworth Click here to read Part One Chase Merritt When Chase Merritt was arrested I had no idea until the media began calling me Friday morning. I was caught completely off guard and I believe Patrick was, too, because I am sure he would have called me if he had known […]

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Did the police rush to judgement on what happened to the McStay’s?

It has been over a week since Joey and Summer McStay’s remains were identified.   Many are anxiously awaiting for some news to break and continue to theorize on this website on who could have done such a horrible deed. Already we are seeing a totally different attitude from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department (SBSD) […]

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Patrick McStay: I do not suspect Chase Merritt

11/22/13 – This morning I read that Michael McStay alerted the police that there were tracks near where the McStay’s were found, according to the Daily Mail.  Looking at the photos in the article there are two distinctive ruts side by side about 67 inches apart. “The two trenches are symmetrical and exactly the same […]

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Patrick McStay: Remains found belong to Joey and Summer

Please do a search in the search box above for all the McStay stories I have written. This story like all MPofA stories run backwards as information comes in.  The latest information is top of the story. Jerrie’s interview with Fox 5 Jerrie’s video interview with CBS News Jerrie’s interview with East County Magazine UPDATE […]

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