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Ray Gricar

Ray Gricar: Missing DA back in the news

To read a previous story about him click here. Ray Gricar, was a Centre County District Attorney in Pennsylvania and disappeared in April of 2005, and declared dead in July, 2011, is back in the news after his name resurfaced because he did not prosecute Jerry Sandusky back in 1998. 13 years later, Sandusky has […]

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Is missing Ray Gricar in jail in Utah?

Click here to read the latest story about Gricar and Sandusky. Update: The AP reported that authorities have determined the man is not Ray Gricar, but Phillip T. Beavers of New Mexico. Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller said in an email to the AP that the man was identified by his brother. I […]

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Ray Gricar: Pronounced legally dead after missing for six years

Ray Gricar To read the lastest about Ray Gricar and the Jerry Sandusky case, click here. Here’s an interesting story I found today about Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar, who was 59 when he disappeared in April, 2005.  The story has resurfaced from the archives today because a Pennsylvania Judge declared him officially dead.  […]

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