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Robbie Romero

Should Robbie Romero’s mom recognize him?

UPDATE -The teenager claiming to be Robbie Romero is not the missing boy, after all, according to DNA results. Nineteen-year-old Robert Terrezas’ DNA did not match with Romero, who disappeared in June 2000 at age 7, police said. Evelyn and Ricky Romero remained unsure whether the teen was the little boy who went missing while […]

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Robbie Romero: Teen says he is boy that vanished 10 years ago

Robbie Romero and Robbie Terrezas Update:  DNA results on Friday, proved that Robbie Terrezas is NOT Robbie Romero. Robbie Romero disappeared in 2000 from Santa Fe, New Mexico’s Bellamah neighborhood, as he was walking home from a friends house, and now a teen says he is that boy. Police talked with an 19-year-old, Robbie Terrezas […]

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