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Timothy Pitzen

Timmothy Pitzen: Police ask for help from geologist to locate missing Aurora boy

UPDATE 4/4/19 – A 14-year-old appeared in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area on Wednesday, claiming to be missing child Timmothy Pitzen, but a DNA test showed the boy in question was not actually the missing child, according to the FBI. Original Story: Police are asking a geologist to look at the mud and grass on Amy Fry Pitzen’s […]

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Timothy Pitzen: Car seat located

The car seat that belonged to Timothy Pitzen the missing 6-year-old from Aurora, Illinois has been located at his grandmother’s house; which has been confirmed by Aurora police. His Spiderman backpack and new clothes are still missing. MissingPersonsOfAmerica

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Timothy Pitzen: Search heads in another direction The search for missing Timothy Pitzen from Aurora, Illinois, heads in another direction to the Rock Falls area. Timothy’s father Jim is trying to held himself together while he organizes the funeral for his wife, Amy and holds out hope that his missing son is found. “I don’t know why my wife did what […]

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Timothy Pitzen: FBI joins search

Timothy Pitzen The FBI has joined local law enforcement in searching for missing 6-year-old Timothy Pitzen from Aurora, Illinois.  The investigators have located the area that Timothy and his mother were at when the phones calls were being made to friends and family as the Sterling area, about 80 miles west of Aurora, police said. […]

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Timothy Pitzen: Child missing from Illinois after mother commits suicide

 UPDATE 6/26/15 – The NCMEC has released a 10-year-old age progressive photo of Timmothy. Please put Pitzen in the search box on top right hand of page to read all the stories about Timmothy. Original story:  Timmothy Pitzen, 6-years-old is missing from Aurora, Illinois. He was with his mom, Amy. Amy was found dead in […]

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