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Troy Edwards

Missing New Jersey couple found in truck of their rented car

Evante “Casey” Orna It looks as though the two missing New Jersey couple have been found in the truck of their rental car. Evande Orna, 39, who also goes as Casey, and Troy Edwards, 40, left their home in Plainfield, New Jersey in a rented 2011 Nissan Altima to go to Richmond, Virginia on February […]

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Red stained sheets and duct tape found in home of missing New Jersey couple

Evande Orna UPDATE 3/10/2011 – Two bodies discovered in the trunk of a car in New York City were¬†those of a missing New Jersey couple, reportedOn Friday, disturbing evidence has been found at the apartment of a New Jersey man who is missing along with a New Jersey woman. Evande Orna, 39, and Troy […]

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