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Yashanee Vaughn

Yashanee Vaughn: Missing teens body found

The remains that were found in a remote area outside Portland, Oregon has been identified as the missing 14-year-old, Yashanee Vaughn. Click here to read her back story. The Oregon medical examiner identified her remains  that were found last week, through a DNA test. They Portland police say that she was killed by a gunshot […]

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Yashanee Vaughn: Family wants police to change policy

Parrish Bennett Teressa Raiford, a relative of missing and presumed dead 14-year-old Yashanee Vaughn, of Portland, Oregon, is asking the police to change its policy on how they handle missing children’s reports. “We’re dealing with a minor,” Raiford said, “What can we do to change the process?” Parrish Bennett, 16, has been arrested in connection […]

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Yashanee Vaughn: Missing teen from Portland, Oregon reported Dead

Yashanee Vaughn Parrish Bennette, 16, has been arrested for the murder of Yashanee Vaughn.  Police got a search warrant based on a tip and then searched his home and collected evidence, which led to his arrest. I reported on this case yesterday about the family saying the police “dropped the ball” in handling the case […]

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Yashanee Vaughn: Missing teen from Portland, Oregon FOUND

Yashanee Vaughn was shot, killed and buried.  Parrish Bennette, 16,  who was arrested for her murder led police to her remains.  She was positively identified through DNA testing by the state medical examiner’s office.  Parrish was found guilty of killing her in  2011.  He has been sentenced to 18 years in prison with no chance of early […]

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