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We do our best to provide accurate information about a missing person.  We gather information from everywhere by doing independent research,  comparing stories from different media outlets, receiving tips and family members.  Our goal is to make our posts as factual as possible, with as much information as possible, so we welcome more information from the public.

We appreciate any information that is provided to us and represent it as such.  Whether you are a friend, family member or even a witness, we will add that information on to the persons story.

We will take that information as you provide it and credit you as the source.  BUT, if you would like to remain anonymous, we will respect that information and the source will not be revealed even to law enforcement. Your information will be added to the story unless it is warranted harmful or malicious.  We also, forward tips to law enforcement and the missing’s family members without divulging the source.  As we do this a lot we know that police will not reject a tip just because the tip is anonymous.  We also feel that the information should also be giving to the family members so they can decide if the information is useful or not.

If you want a factual error corrected we are glad to do that, as we want all the facts to be as accurate as possible.    Email: