ARREST – Chula Vista mom goes missing from home, leaves children behind

UPDATE 10/21/21 – Larry Millete, has been charged with murder and possession of a semiautoatic rifle. He has been accused of his wife, Maya’s, murder.

UPDATE 5/21/21 – The authorities have released the following information on this case:

  • Interviews with 59 individuals to include family members, friends, neighbors and witnesses.
  • Written 31 search warrants to include residences, vehicles, cellular and electronic devices, call detail records, financial records, social media and cloud data.
  • Reviewed over 75 tips on Maya’s possible location and reason for the disappearance. These tips have come from the local community and from around the country. Most recent tips have also included possible sightings of Maya in other states to include Arizona and an additional new tip from New Mexico.
  • Based on investigative leads, law enforcement has also conducted searches over the past week in the area of 500 Hunte Parkway in Chula Vista.

UPDATE 5/13/21 – Larry Millete is stating that the police are infringing on his second amendment rights after they filed a gun violence restraining order against him. Authorities stated they have photos of Larry and Maya’s 4-year-old son standing on a table surrounded by guns that were taken two days before Maya went missing.

“The photographs I received depicted a kitchen table with a cache of 16 firearms, 4 United States Passports, a government Identification card, several high capacity magazines and hundreds of rounds of ammunition,” Det. Garlow of the San Diego Pollice Dept. wrote in the request for a restraining order. “The cache of firearms included two short barreled AR-15 illegal assault weapon platforms, five (undetermined legality AR-15 platform rifles, three pump shotguns, one bolt action rifle with scope, and five semi-automatic handguns.”

20 guns were cited in the restraining order, though only eight guns are registered to Larry.  Larry stated the guns were a collection and not a stash. A hearing will be held on June 22, 2021.

Update 2/4/21 – Authorities said Wednesday that Larry had retained a lawyer and is no longer answering questions about Maya’s disappearance.

Update 1/24/21 – On Saturday, the Chula Vista Police Dept. continued investigating the case by serving a search warrant at Maya’ home. But, I can’t help wonder why it was not done sooner. This reminds me of the case of the McStay’s where the San Diego Police Dept., didn’t investigate the McStay home for clues to their disappearance until after Tim Miller, Staff Watts and Michael McStay walked through it with a camera taking a video, and another incident where some members of the McStay family cleaned the house, and even removed items from the house. At this point Maya has been missing for two seeks.

Update: 1/20/21 – More information is trickling out about this case. Now we find out that the family was planning on going to Big Bear for their daughter’s birthday. It was stated to be a planned “family” trip, but they are not specific on who in the family. I bring this up because Maya and Larry, according to Larry were barely amicable to each other. I don’t know if Larry was going with Maya or if he would be staying behind.

I also am confused, why Larry is not out searching for Maya. He states he’s a private person, but there are times when you have to rise above your own personal comfort zone, and this is one of them. He should be out there if not looking for Maya and least his presence so that he can acknowledge and show respect to all the people that are out there searching for Maya. I’m mean really, these people have taken days from their own lives to look for Maya and the least he could do is come out and thank them He has to show his children his concern for her and show them how you appreciate people. Larry if you are reading this please reach out let people know your gratitude. I’d be more than willing to take a quote.

At this time, I believe they are looking in the wrong place, and might consider Solano Beach or Temecula.

In our house, our opinions are split on what happened to Maya. So, I am sure most everyone else is, too.

Original Story: Maya “May” Millete, 39, was last seen by her children on Thursday, January 7, 2021 in their home on Paseo Los Gatos in San Miguel Ranch in Chula Vista located in San Diego County. Both of her cars were found at the home.

The fact that her cars were left could mean that she walked off on her own, or someone picked her up. I went to Google maps to look at the area where she lived and saw that on one side of the subdivision is an area that has trails. It’s called the Mother Miguel Mountain Trailhead. Since this area is in Southern California you won’t find a lot of trees but there will be tall bushes. If she did go that way and she stayed on the trails they should be able to find her with no problem. But, if she got lost or went off the trail then it would be hard to determine which way she went. I have not heard whether dogs have been brought in or not.

What is most alarming is she disappeared leaving her children, 4, 9, and 11 behind, and one had their birthday last weekend.

“It’s not like her. She has three beautiful kids and they are her life. She wouldn’t leave them for more than a day,” her sister Mari Cris Drouaillet told Fox 5 news. “They’ve been together since they were 18 years old, married for 22 years, but there’s been some marital issues.”

Millete’s brother-in-law Richard Drouaillet spoke to local TV station KGTVand told reporters family members knew something was wrong when her phone kept going to voicemail.

“We had plans to go to Big Bear and she never replied Thursday,” he told the station.

Larry Millete stated the following during a phone call to the media:

Larry said, “We have been having problems,” and the night Maya went missing they had an argument.

“Now that she missed our daughters birthday, there is something keeping her from contacting us.”

Maya was not reported missing to the police till Jan. 10. Three days after she was last seen.

Larry thought maybe a friend of her’s picked her up and they went wine tasting or hiking.

Maya posted regular on social media and her last post was January 3.

The police have stated they don’t believe a crime has been committed.

The family continues to search, and welcomes anyone that would like to help. The map below shows where they are searching which are trails behind the subdivision where Maya lives.

Millete is 5-foot-2 and about 105 pounds with brown hair, brown eyes, freckles and a wrist tattoo.

Anyone who has seen Millete or who has information on her whereabouts is urged to contact the Chula Vista Police Department at 619-691-5151.

Find May/Maya Millete

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