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How to Use This Site

There is a lot of information on this website and there is many different ways you can read it.  Please take a few moments to scan these paragraphs and it may make your reading easier or help you locate information quicker.

Please note if you can’t find what you are looking for, email me some info on what story you are searching for, like city or adult or child, and as much as you can remember about it.  For example you can tell me:  Jerrie, I am looking for that story about a boy who went missing from his school a few years back and was never found.  His step-mother dropped him off at school and she was accused of hiring someone to kill her husband.  From that I can probably figure out who you’re looking  for. If you’re wondering what case this was, it was Kyron Horman.

General Reading:  Start by clicking on the Missing Persons of America LOGO.  This will take you to the latest POSTS.

If you come to a story from a link from outside this website, like Facebook for example, you will only see the main story.  You can click on the Missing Persons of America logo at the upper top left of the page and it will take you to the latest posts.  OR you can click on any story on the right hand side to read.  Then click the back arrow of your browser to go back OR click on the story and then click on the MPofA Logo.   You can also go to tab at the bottom right of the page that says “Archives.”  This will take you to a yearly/monthly list of stories.

Popular Posts:  As you click on a story to read it you will see Most Popular on the right side of the page. You can click any of those stories to read. The most recent will be the very first one and the one I wrote just before that will be the next one.  You can click on the Missing Persons of America LOGO at any time to go back to the home page and see the latest posts.

Reading Stories in Order:  Start at the home page by clicking on the Missing Persons of America LOGO.  This will take you to the list of most most recent stories. At the bottom there is a next/previous link.

Archives:  At the bottom of the page is the Archives link.  Click on that and it will open up a month and year.

Searching for a name:  On the right top is a search box.   Type in the name of who you are looking for.  The spelling has to be accurate or you won’t find who you are looking for.  Sometimes just one name is enough to get the results you need.  You can also type in cities and/or states to see how many are missing in a specific location.

Please note, if you ever click on a link and it takes you nowhere or says broken link, please let us know.  We moved the whole website to another host in Feb. and subsequently some links did not transfer.  I have been updated them as I find, but the public’s help is appreciated.  You can send me a broken link to:

Also, if it is an Examiner link, please note that website has been closed, so it will be a dead link.

Searching by City or State

Just like searching for a name you go to the search box at the top of the page and type in a city or state, and all the articles I have written on a missing person from that city or state will be listed.  You might also try county, although please note that not ALL articles will have the counties in them, but ALL articles will have a city and state.

Searching by Date

In the beginning of the website, I used to list all the missing persons by month, but the list became so long I took it out.  BUT, you can still find this information out.  Find the “Archives” and click on it to make a drop box appear by years.

Searching for Found

You can also do a search for found by simple typing in the word “found” in the search box.  You can also narrow it down by year or month by added that to the word.

Once you opt to search for a particular subject the page will change and show you every single story ever written with that subject in it.  For example Holly Bobo has been mentioned numerous times through this website so you will see many stories where she is mentioned, but if you type in John Walsh for example you will only see one story where he is mentioned on this website.  If you type in Texas, you will see hundreds of stories where Texas is mentioned.  Sometimes it is fun to start reading stories located in your state and even in your city if you live in a large one. 


Please consider commenting on any of the stories.  Although they are monitored, very rarely are they taken off, no matter your opinion, because we think an open dialogue about a missing person is essential.  Don’t hesitate to start a conversation on any story.  

Note:  In the beginning of this website, multiple stories on a missing person was put on multiple pages, with links to updated stories.  Beginning in 2013 this changed.  Now, all the information on the person is put into one article and updated as new information comes in.  Called a reverse chronological order, the most recent information is on the top of the article.  In some cases, if you have no prior knowledge about the story, you will need to read the story starting at where it says “Previous story or Original Story” and then follow it to “UPDATE”.  This will put it in order and easy for you to follow.  You may find stories with one UPDATE, usually when the person is found and other stories will have many updates as new and interesting information comes in about the missing person.

If you are searching and run across a story earlier than 2013, for example, Holly Bobo, you will find a list of story titles on her that will come up when you put her name in the search box. Everything that was ever written on that case is spread out through multiple stories and not put on one page as it is being done now.

If you have any trouble finding someone, or particular information just send me an email at I will find it for you and let you know OR it may be that I do not have that person’s name, and in that case, if you would like a story done on that person, please go to the “Missing Submissions.”

I always appreciate feedback that will make it easier for readers to read this blog, so if you have a suggestion, please let me know.