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If you would like to help keep MPofA going, your donations are a big help. Your donations are used to help us do research, dedicate time to writing articles, help us help those who are searching for their loved ones, keep the website up to date and modernized, fund trips to talk with family’s of the missing and much more.

Past donations has let us do a multitude of things.  In 2015 donations went to changing the look of the site so that it was easier to read, and it debuted in the new style in the summer of 2015.  In the spring of 2016 the website was moved to a new web host with an updated contemporary look, which is what you are seeing today. 2018 donations went to hire someone to stop the constant hacking of the website.  2019 donations went to gas, and lodging as we traveled to talk with  family’s of the missing. 2020 went to the set up and supplies to start the YouTube channel.  Through the year we use donations to pay for the hosting, wifi, webmasters to fix errors, and many more technical costs that come up.

You can make a one time donation or you can make a monthly donation and please note that small donations are just as important and we appreciate it even more as we know that you certainly could have used it elsewhere.

Thank you all for your donations thus far and know that we work hard to supply you with the most complete up to date news. Please note we are not a 501 charity so your donation is not tax deductible, but does go to helping families of the missing and to keep Missing Persons of America going.

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