Police searching for missing Colorado woman and her son

Police are searching for a missing Colorado woman and they want to ask her about her missing 5-year-old son.

After I did the research on this story, I found it strange that I could find no information on the boy.   In fact, searching the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Sheriff’s North Carolina website, I could find no information on a child gone missing in the last year.  Why is this?

The police are searching for Vania Rae Sisk, 25, who was living at E. Ridge Dr. in Woodland Park in Colorado, so they can ask her more questions about the disappearance of her son that is missing from North Carolina since last October.

“A little boy doesn’t just go missing and people forget about it,” said Olmsted.
Vania Rae Sisk, 25, failed to show up for a child custody hearing last week, Teller County Sheriff’s Sgt. Nick Olmsted said in a news release. Vania was living at a home with three men, five women and 9 children and when they went to her home to talk to her, she was gone.

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