Shane Fell: Missing after traffic accident

Shane Fell

Missing Person Louisiana Shane Fell

Shane Fell went missing after rolling his car near New Orleans, Louisiana on June 9, 2011.  His brother Brett had just been with Shane shooting pool when he came upon the accident. (Skip down below to read rest of story.)

6/10/2018 – Posted on Help Find Shane Fell’s Facebook page – “7 years….We’re still here with so many unanswered questions. We will always be on the lookout, we will always have hope and we will NEVER give up!!! We miss Shane every day and have so much catch up on. Thank you for all who continue to look, hope, pray and think of Shane. We love you Shane and look forward to your safe return to us”

6/10/16 from Help Find Shane Fell’s Facebook page: “So here we are 5 years later and not a single clue of where Shane Fell is. We are truly amazed that we have nothing to lead us to Shane’s whereabouts with today’s technology. We continue to look, hope and pray for him. We will never give up and never lose hope that we will meet with him again one day. Please continue to think of Shane and take that second glance. We thank everyone for their continued love, thoughts, prayers and support. We know that Shane is loved and missed by many. We love and miss you Shane Fell!”

Shane Fell


UPDATE:  There have been sightings of a transient/homeless person around grocery stores and Wal-Marts in Louisiana, Florida, Texas and North Carolina that is selling orgami (hand-made) flowers and sour grass flowers. If you happen to be approached to buy flowers or notice someone like that, keep in mind it may be Shane. 

Note:  Shane may have longer hair and a beard and he may not want to be recognized.

Vigil for Shane Fell


Shane Fell
Shane Fell

Previous story: 

Shane Fell went missing after rolling his car in New Orleans, Louisiana on June 9, 2011.  His brother Brett had just been with Shane shooting pool when he came upon the accident.

Shane with photoshopped beard and longer hair

The police said Shane was not in the car when they arrived.

Brett said he talked with Shane and Shane told him he didn’t make the turn on the winding stretch of River Road, which is nicknamed, “Dead Man’s Curve.”

“He told me his car flipped over.  He was well aware of what was going on,” said Brett.

His family is worried about him and are looking for volunteers to search for Shane and especially help from a K-9 volunteers. The family is worried Shane may be injured as a result of the accident and needs help.  Fell’s family said Monday that they found one of Shane’s shoes in the woods.

 Shane’s Facebook page
Shane is 36, white, 6’2″ tall, 200 pounds, hazel eyes, brown hair, wearing blue jeans, white shirt with brown vertical stripes, scar on chin

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