Nique Leili: Missing woman’s body found in Georgia

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The body found in Lawrenceville, Georgia on Saturday is confirmed to be the missing mother of three.

Dominique “Nique” Leili, 44 was found in the Oak Village subdivision.  She went missing on July 9.

Police went to Nique and her husband, Matthew’s home on July 15, to talk to Matthew, but he said that he had retained an attorney.  The police were get any statement from Leili, Leili’s father or the couple’s minor children, 9-year-old or 12-year-old daughters. Nique’s 19-year-old daughter from another marriage has been cooperating with investigators.

Then on July 16, Nique’s body was found by a co-worker of Nique’s who was part of a search party looking for her.

“I just saw a huge big pile and it looked abnormal, you know, it just looked like it was covering up something.  So, I just started kicking away at it and just saw her body and her hair,” said Allison Rockwell.

Leili’s sister, Amy Elk said that Nique’s husband told them that she was gone and they had had a huge fight.

“He waited two days to report her missing and he filed for divorce and she’d been gone for four days,” said Elk.

The police reported no signs of foul play, but are treating the case as a homicide.

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