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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Samantha Weaver: Missing from Oklahoma

UPDATE 3/12/151 -   The Pottawatomie County DA Richard Smothermon confirmed they have found human remains in a yard off Rustic Oak Drive, north of Shawnee, in Pottawatomie County, where Samantha Weaver was last seen alive.

“The body's approximately three feet in the ground,” said Richard Smothermon, the DA for Pottawatomie County.


Samantha Weaver, 27, is missing from Shawnee, Oklahoma.  She was last seen leaving with a man she knew from a casino in Norman.  The man said he dropped her off two blocks from her home.

Samantha sent the father of her two daughters a text message she was coming home on June 15, but she never showed up. Records show her cell phone has not been used since that day.

The only thing that has been located is her sketch pads of drawings and notepads of writings she has done at the home of the man that said he dropped her off the night she went missing. 

Samantha is 5'4" tall, 115 pounds with brown eyes and light brown hair.

If you have any information, call the police or leave it here anonymously.

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