Michaela Jane Scott: Missing teens car found with motor running Found

UPDATE: Michaela showed up at the sheriff’s office safe Friday evening.  She told police she left her home in Gilbert and drove herself to Tuscola.  She parked her parent’s car at 1075 N and 1100 E near Tuscola and left the keys in the car while she walked to Tuscola. 

She went into a gas station and called her friends and stayed with them for the next 28 hours in Tuscola and Champaign before going toi the Tuscola Police. 

UPDATE;  Friday afternoon around 3:20 p.m., someone claiming to be Michaela called a Crimestoppers number on Friday afternoon and said she would not return to Arizona.

 The caller said she was safe and “had no intention of returning to Arizona,” the sheriff’s office said.

The search will continue until authorities make  face-to-face contact with the teen.

Previous story: The car that a teen was driving when she left home after arguing over a boyfriend with her parents was still running when it was found.

Michaela Jane Scott, 17, left Gilbert, AZ., in her parents’ silver 2010 Scion on Wednesday, Jan. 16th.  The car was found around 5:30 p.m. on Thursday on a rural road near Tuscola, Illinois.

Michaela used to attend Tuscola and her boyfriend lives in Tuscola.  A receipt from McDonalds in Joplin, Mo., was found in the car, which leads authorities to believe she arrived in Douglas Counmty around 3 p.m. on Thursday.

If you have any information about Micahela, please counteract the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office at 217-253-2913.

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