Aria Spradling: Missing from Eaton Found

UPDATE:  11/24/13 –  The body found Tuesday is confirmed to be Aria Spradling.  The Coroner’s office says Aria’s remains were skeletonized and there were no signs of trauma.  Melissa Spradling, Aria’s mother believes that Aria was murdered and is asking the person who did it to come forward and accept responsibility.

UPDATE:  11/18/13 – Vandalia police have found a badly decomposed body they believe is female because of the clothing.

Authorities were questioned if it is the body of missing Aria, but they refused to make a statement regarding that at this time.

An autopsy will be performed.

UPDATE:  11/7/13 – After missing for over a month and little attention from the media, the Eaton police stated in a news release they are asking for the public’s help in finding her.  They also said they were looking over hair and clothing samples that was found on Germantown Street to determine if they belong to missing Aria.

Melissa’s Aria’s mom told the Dayton Daily news that she dropped Aria off at work at the Harem Gentleman’s Club in Harrison Twp. and the Aria called that night and said that someone had stolen the cash she had made dancing and she was going to work an extra day to make up the money.

Although the police issued an arrest warrant it was more to help find her than arrest her.

“We are hoping if people saw the information and saw a cash reward, we could find her said Eaton Police Chief Chad DePew.  “Obviously we’re more concerned with finding her than any warrants for her arrest.

Aria was arrested in March and then arrested again in April for failure to appear.  Could this have anything to do with her disappearance or has something bad happened to her?

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  1. First off i would like to say to the family sorry for your lost of Aria someone child,mother,sister,friend i could only imagine how you feel no one should have to go through this…and i'm reading alot of negative comments no matter what she did or done…we all have done things We may not be proud of But do we deserve to be talked down on or thrown away like trash…but people who talk down on other people for what they have done in their past are ignorant and ignorant is Bliss….all I have to say I will not be ignorant like those that made it not comments may God continue to watch over you in your time of need time heals all wounds god bless you and your family

  2. First, if you are going to cite stats, take a few classes in stats and take some reseatch classes so that you know what you are talking about. There is a reason why there is a judicial systm in place …to sort out facts from comments or opinions from those. Who are narrow minded and opinionated with limited knowledge. Fot those of you who focus on Aria as a criminal, you need to take a long hard look in the mirror because because yoi may have done things that border on criminal behavior but have never been caught. That is the differencr between you and Aria. At least Aria was trying to earn money for her child. There is nothimg wrong with identifying the life choices thay have placed her at risk. What is wrong is the arrogance and holier than thou attitudes that. Many people do not have a clue about who their their neighbors are and if you did, you would be shocked. Rather than blaming, think about how you can make a contribution to your comumity.

    To Arias family and friends, i am sorry for your loss.