Who is Arroyo Grande Jane Doe

Arroyo Grande Jane Doe was found nude, beaten to death with a hammer, stabbed in the back and dumped off state Route 146, near the intersection of old Lake Mead Drive and Arroyo Grande Blvd on Oct. 5. 1980, reports the Review Journal.

Det. John Williams has worked on the case since he found her on his day off.   Williams stated, when he found her she was laying and “posed.”  On each anniversary of her death Williams goes to her gave and places flowers.  Later he even bought a headstone for her grave.  Even though he doesn’t know who she is, she has become part of his life and his family.

Jane is believed to be between 14-25 years-old and has a homemade “S” tattoo on her right forearm.  She is 5’2” tall, 103 pounds with light reddish/brown shoulder length hair, blue eyes.  She was a non smoker.  She had on silver colored fingernail polish and a vaccination scar on her left bicep.  She had a gap between two teeth on the upper right side of her mouth.

Fingerprints taken come back with no match to any missing person in the system.  DNA was taken in 2003 and better dental records were obtained when she was exhumed.

“Hi, in 1980, State Route 146 went from I-15 to Boulder Highway
with few roadways crossing, little traffic and almost no houses for
miles. The area was very rural and used to shortcut going all the way
through LV. It was mostly used by truckers bypassing when going from AZ
to CA or CA to AZ. The intersection of SR 146 & Arroyo Grande had
desert area on all sides. Where she was found, she was very close to
the roadway and she was left to be found. She was not hidden from the
road. When she was found as you can see in the photo’s of her, she was
still very fresh. I’ll pull the file for any additional pictures I can
send you. Have a great weekend. Rick (Clark County Coroner Investigator)”

If you have any information about this case, please contact Det. John Williams of the Henderson Police Dept. at 702-565-2204.  NCIC Number U-898928671

Rachael Garden, Karen Lynn Zendrosky, Cheryl Ann Scherer, Terry Collier have been ruled out as a match.

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