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Was the Long Island Serial Killer arrested in 2014?

Long Island was in the news a lot back in 2011, after a police officer, while training his dog found a body.  Over the next few weeks another body was found until there were a total of 10 women found murdered in Gilgo Beach.  The police determined that it is likely they were all killed by the same person, and nicknamed the murderer as the Long Island Serial Killer (LISK).

Now we are hearing from two attorney’s that the Long Island Serial Killer may have already been arrested back in 2014 for another crime.  On Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017,  Robert Biancavilla, Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney stated that John Bittrolff may be responsible for the unsolved murders in Long Island.   Thomas Spota, Suffolk County District Attorney is stating the same thing.

Bittrolff who was a carpenter, was arrested in 2014 after homicide detectives linked evidence found on the women’s remains to his DNA through his brother’s DNA who had been arrested.  The DNA proved that Bittrolff was responsible for deaths of two prostitutes back in 1994.  He is now serving at least 50 years in prison after his July 2017 conviction of two counts of second-degree murder for the 1994 beating and deaths of Colleen McNamee and Rita Tangredi.

John Bittrolff

Biancavilla who was the prosecutor in Bittrolff’s case learned a lot about Bittrolff and also how the two women were murdered.  This information led him to believe that Bittrolff could be responsible for the Gilgo Beach murders, as some aspects of the evidence found over the years were similar to what has been attributed to Bittrolff’s crimes.

But another Attorney disagrees with him.  Attorney, John Ray, the Gilbert family attorney said he has done a lot of research for the Gilbert family, and said he found nothing tying Bittrolff to the other crimes.

The Gilgo Beach case, dubbed the “Long Island Serial Killer,”  is a person believed to have murdered 10 people over a period of twenty years.  When the first victim was found in 2011, it was believed to be Shannon Gilbert, who went missing after infamous 23 minute 911 call where she said someone was chasing her and she was asking for help.  It turned out to not be her, but it was the first body of many more that were found along Gilgo Beach.  It would be over a year later before Shannon’s body was found in a marsh on Oak Beach.   There is still speculation whether she was a victim of the LISK.

Shannon Gilbert

“It’s not uncommon in cases involving serial killers for the perpetrator to go quiet for periods of years up to decades before striking again,” a source told the Sunday Post. “Our hope is with enhanced forensic techniques, LISK has finally made a crucial error that will allow us to apprehend him.”

For more in-depth information about this case, go here.

DNA found in 1982 Long Island case




Jerrie Dean, who is retired from Federal Law Enforcement, is the Founder of Missing Persons of America and Missing Texas Forty.

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