Is Cynthia Jacobs’ disappearance connected to others missing from Lumberton?

The numbers of missing men and woman and found deceased in Lumberton are growing.

Cynthia Jacobs has been missing from Lumberton, North Carolina since July 2017.  I did not know that Cynthia was missing until a reader brought it to my attention.  I couldn’t find anything on missing Cynthia with a regular google search.  Thankfully, the reader game me a link to a post by Terri Rae that was posted on Burnis Wilkins Facebook page.  Wilkins is running for Robeson County Sheriff.  The post helps explains Cynthia’s disappearance.

Cynthia Jacobs is my fiancé’s sister and we have been everywhere looking for her. There is an older couple that lives in Fairmont that we were told by several ppl that this couple locks her in a room and let’s her out at the first of the month. Then we were told about a man name Leon that took her in and feeds her washes her clothes, so we went to his house found Cynthia’s shoes and asked him about them and Cynthia. He denies knowing her and he has her social security bank card, he admitted to us about that. Yet when the detective talks to this man he denies everything. In June Meagan went missing, Cynthia was the last person to be with Meagan, there has to be a connection somewhere with the three deceased and Cynthia. Remember Meagan was interviewed by the news, and told some of what was happening. The last contact we had with Cynthia was in April and May and she mentioned a man name James has been taking care of her, so we looked into this back in April and come to find out he was pimping her and two other girls. We took her in and took care of her in May, her life style is very different from ours and she thanked us for giving her a room of her own a tv a bed but she said I love you brother I love you momma but my home is on the streets with my girls. Lord knows how much we love and miss Cynthia and want her home.

What Terri is talking about is Megan Oxendine who went missing then was found deceased, along with two other women.   Megan Ann Oxendine, 28, Christina Bennett, 32, and Rhonda Jones, 36, who were all found dead in an area between East Fifth and East Ninth streets.   Abby Lee Patterson went missing from the same area the other three women went missing from in Lumberton.   Click on this link to read the full story.  There have been speculations on social media that Patterson’s disappearance is linked to Oxendine, Bennett and Jones, but authorities state they are not.  There are also men that are missing from Lumberton.  Eric Montreal Evans, who has been missing from Lumberton since July 2017,  and Billy Hammonds who went missing in December 2016.  Tomase Jermaine Bristol went missing in July 2017 and his body was found later that month.  No cause of death has been stated from authorities at this time.  Click on the highlighted links to read more about their stories.

Terri brings up a very valued point.  Could there be a connection?

More research and I have found that there were two women beaten to death in Lumberton in 2009.   More research will be done to see if there are more missing/murdered between 2009 and 2017 in Lumberton.  Story reposted by Robesonian from their archives.

Found March 30, 2009 –  Lisa Hardin was found in the woods about 15 feet behind the Titan Flow Control Inc. warehouse off Chippewa Street, just several feet from an unused railroad spur.  Her clothing scattered around her.

Fibbed March 30, 2009 – Michelle Ann Driggers was found nude in the driveway of an overgrown cemetery off Hestertown Road on March 30, 2009.  Her clothes were found scattered around her.  Both women had been stabbed.  

Another story from Star News talks about about an unsolved mystery of five woman killed going back to 1995.  “Since 1995, at least five other women have been slain and dumped in nearby jurisdictions by unknown killers. Three of the women were found in New Hanover County, one in Pender County and one, a Wilmington woman, in Robeson County.”

Found April 26, 2008 – Skeletal remains In Wilmington in a wooded area behind a closed Mexican restaurant in the 3500 block of Carolina Beach Road.  The remains were two women and they had been stabbed to death.  Authorities believe they were Allison Jackson-Foy, 34, and Angela Nobles Rothen, 42.

Found 2002 – Rose Marie Mallett, 26, found behind a business off U.S. 421 in New Hanover County. The body had decomposed and was found unclothed, wrapped in a blanket and covered in pine straw.

Found July 29, 1995 – Traci Lynn Johnston, from Wilmington found in a wooded area off Old Whiteville Road in Robeson County near the Columbus County line.  Cause of death is undetermined.

Found June 11, 1997 – Barbara Jean Anderson found off River Road about a mile from Titanium Road. She’d been strangled with a coat hanger and her body wrapped in plastic, a dirty bed sheet and a blanket. 

Found May 22, 1999 – Alice Renee Holmes, 33, found in woods covered with dirt in northern New Hanover County. She had been shot.

Edgecombe County serial killer case:

In 2015, a news report about six missing women from Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Melody Wiggins, Jackie “Nikki” Thorpe, Ernestine Battle, Taraha Nicholson, Jarneice Hargrove.  Antwan Pittman, 38, was arrested for the murder of Taraha Nicholson.  The number rose to 9 and the cases were dubbed the Edgecombe County Serial Killer case, before Antwan Pittman was arrested.  In 2011, Antwan was sentenced for her murder.  He is believed to have killed around a dozen women in Rocky Mount from 2003 to 2009. Almost all the victims were black prostitutes with drug addictions, making them easy prey for a killer who discarded their bodies in wooded or rural areas, mostly along Seven Bridges Road.

Burnis Wilkins also posted:

I have spoken personally with family members of both Eric and Abby and no family would want to have to go thru what they are feeling at this point. So please, spread the word and if you know something related to these missing residents or any others, do the right thing and clear your mind of guilt. These families need you and our county needs you to step forward.

Questions and theories are being voiced on social media, which is usually the case when a number of people are missing from a specific area.  Hopefully, social media can help bring tips to the authorities and answers will follow.

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