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Heather Elvis: Young woman missing from Myrtle Beach

As always, if you are not familiar with this case start towards the bottom of this article for the “original story” and work up, as the most recent information is placed on top. UPDATE 4/16/2016:  Murder charges against the Moorer’s has been dropped; however, the (more…)


Who killed Joey and Summer McStay – Review of the case, Part Two

UPDATE 11/7/14 – Chase has been arrested for the murder of the McStay family. I have written many articles on the McStay case.  Please follow the links in the article below or put McStay in the search box above to see them all. It seems, (more…)

Jack Sjol: Authorities say there is evidence of a crime in the disappearance of Jack Found

UPDATE:  The body was confirmed to be Jack. The murder of Jack Sjol was allegedly an ordered hit by the outlaw motorcycle gang the Sons of Silence. Ryan Lee Stensaker, 35, of Williston was arrested for his murder.  Prosecutors said Stensaker who shot Sjol with (more…)

CrimeLine with Jon Leiberman LIVE – Inside the case of Charles Lindbergh

Live show is over, but you can go to the CrimeLine tab above and watch it at any time.   Thanks, Jon for reminding everyone about missing Shane Fell! Jon Leiberman, an Emmy award-winning investigative correspondent and producer who is currently the investigative reporter with Howard (more…)

The Missing Texas Forty®

40+ People Missing from two Adjoining Counties CURRENT COUNT  46  Please note the list of missing is farther down on the page, but please take the time to read the paragraphs before to get a complete understanding of  what is going on in the area. (more…)