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Search for missing Kyron Horman is now a criminal case

kyronhormanposternewThe search for missing 7-year old Portland boy, Kyron Horman ended today as rescue teams headed home. After 10 days they have not been able to uncover any sign of Kyron and the case has now been classified as a criminal investigation.

“We will be continuing this investigation. It is not going to stop, and I am not going to cease in dedication resources to locating Kyron,” said Sheriff Dan Staton from the Multnomah County Sheriff Dept.

Kyron Horman’s family made their second public appearance today, to show a blown-up photo of Kyron, but did not take any questions nor speak.

8-year-old Tanner Pumala, a desk mate of Kyron says, “I went downstairs, and that was the last time I saw him and I never seen him after that,” Tanner told KOIN news. Tanner said, the class was regrouping and it was the substitute that noticed Kyron was missing.

“And she was like ‘oh no where’s Kyron there’s only five’ and Mrs. Porter was like it’s okay calm down, calm down he’s probably in the bathroom or getting a drink of water and she said alright I’m going to leave and she left, ” says Tanner Pumala

Tanner said that he noticed that Kyron was not on the school bus when they were going home.

“How he went unnoticed is absolutely just beyond me, say’s Tanner’s grandmother Wendy Fuhrer.

It would have to be that Kyron knew or trusted. Kids just don’t vanish and I find this heart-wrenching, absolutely heart-wrenching and the family what they are going through, I can’t even imagine “, said Fuhrer.

Fuhrer said that Tanner told her that he had seen Kyron’s mom leaving the school building and Kyron was not with her when she left.

The FBI and the Sheriff asked them to not talk but they decide to talk to keep a face on this investigation.

Kyron’s family made their first public appearance on Friday, asking people to keep searching.

“Please Kyron, keep up the hope,” Tony Young, Kyron’s stepfather, said. “We believe in you and we know you will be back with us soon.”

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office is seeking video of traffic on 15 portland roads taken June 3 and June 4. If you have any footage please contact the sheriff office. The streets are: Northwest Cornelius Pass Road, Northwest Germantown Road, Northwest Logie Trails Road, Northwest Rocky Point Road, Northwest Skyline Road, Northwest 185th Avenue, Northwest West Union Road, Northwest Springville Road, Bethany Boulevard, Northwest Newberry Road, Northwest McNamee Road, U.S. 30 between Northwest Rocky Point Road to Northwest Germantown Road, Northwest Kaiser Road, Northwest Thompson Road, Northwest Laidlaw Road.

Tip line: 503-261-2847


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