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Chad Smith: Louisville attorney missing after violent fight with wife

Authorities and friends are looking for Chad Howard Smith, 38, who disappeared after a violent argument with his wife on Jan. 11, 2011.  Chad is a former assistant Bullitt County Attorney from Shepherdsville, Kentucky.

On January 10th, police were called to the Waffle House in Louisville because of a hit and run. When they got there they found Chad’s wife, Lesley. She told the police that Chad had hit a parked car and dropped her off at the restaurant and left. She also told them that earlier that evening she had gotten into a fight with Chad. Lesley says her husband started pulling her hair and smacking her, so she pulled out a gun and fired it at him until the gun wouldn’t shoot anymore, to scare him off.

The police took Lesley home.  Chad’s car was there, but he was not. Troy Armstrong, Shepherdsville Police Sgt., said that Leslie stayed at a hotel that night and called the police in the morning to escort her back to her house. When they got there, Chad and the car were gone.  His wallet and phone were left in the home.  January 13th, Chad till was gone, so Mrs. Smith filed a police report. The following day, Chad’s car was found in the 100 block of south 7th Street in Louisville, Kentucky, not far from the Ohio River. The keys were on the center console and his cigarettes were also inside.

Chad is white, late 30’s with reddish brown hair. He may have gone to Alabama as he is originally from there.  There is some concern he could have committed suicide, as he had just lost his job at the Bullitt County Attorney’s office.  Anyone with information about Smith’s whereabouts is asked to call the Shepherdsville Police at 502-957-1001.


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