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Elizabeth Ennen – Mother

I saw the mother of Elizabeth Ennen, the 15-year-old teen whose body was found in a field in Lubbock, Texas on TV tonight, and I had to choke back the tears.  With no restraint, Virginia Ennen was crying her eyes out on camera.  She didn’t have a stiff upper lip, she wasn’t holding back her tears.  She was thanking everyone in between her sobs for helping to look for her daughter. 

This poor unassuming woman is trying to do the best she can in this world and some monster comes along and breaks her heart forever.

Tomorrow, Virginia has to get up and the first memory that will come flashing in her mind is that her daughter is dead.  I would not wish that on anyone, but I do wish that it would never happen again.

Here is the open message that Virginia left her daughter.

“Babygirl mommy and kevin and nicky love you and will forever miss you!!!!! LOVE YOU BABY RIP Elizabeth”

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